28th Birthday Wishlist

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Every year I'm asked, "what do you want for your birthday?" and every year it’s the same answer, "I don't know" and the cycle continues like this for over a month as I'm asked, "but what do you want?" Over and over. So, this year I've actually taken steps to think about what I really want.

Birthdays used to be filled with anticipation, from the end of July the countdown was on and all I could think about was my birthday because that meant going on holiday. Every year we would go to Spain for my gran and I's birthdays as we are two days apart, we would fly out around the 9th and come home around the 23rd. The family holiday was always something to look forward to because for two weeks, I didn't have to worry that my mum wouldn't be in a good mood because when we were away, she was always happy, well, for the most part. 

The birthday holidays were great, but the celebration when we got home was the best! We would celebrate for a whole week, going out for dinners, going to new, fun places and I was always spoiled rotten. 

But as I got older, I stopped getting as excited because the holidays stopped and my mum passed away the month before my 16th, so I wasn't as eager to celebrate anymore. Don't get me wrong, I've always had a good birthday, except from 2015 but that's a whole other story. Now on the run up to my birthday I don't get the excited feeling that I once had, instead I hit a wall of panic because it’s just another reminder that I'm getting older and for some reason, that panics me a little. 

The past few years haven't been as bad, instead I've tried to embrace the fact I'm hitting a new age, meaning there a whole new year of possibilities ahead and another year to move forward. 

But the one consistent thing throughout the years has always been the question, "what do you want for your birthday?" And I consistently have no idea. So, in a pre-emptive strike, I've curated a birthday Wishlist with things I both need and want for my birthday is in 21 days. In curating this list I've felt more like an adult than I ever have because instead of the pink fluffy teddy's and dolls that once dominated my lists have turned to useful items that in my head scream, "I'm an adult now". 
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White Converse platform low top || MORPHY RICHARDS Evoke Sear & Stew 461016 Slow Cooker || Truly Devious 3-Book Box Set: Truly Devious, Vanishing Stair, and Hand on the Wall || Evan 130cm x 180cm Throw || Dyson V8 Animal Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner  
Unicorn Dreams Yankee Candle || 85mm Canon Lens || Instax Mini Macaron
 Auto Finesse Interior Cleaning Kit || Crystal Infused water bottle || Marc Jacobs Daisy Love || Apple Pencil || Pure Halo Gel Nail Polish || Blue Yeti Microphone 

Making the list wasn't easy, I struggled if I'm honest because I really don't enjoy asking for things but I am also a hard person to buy for apparently. So the list has been created over a number of weeks, anytime I saw something I made a note of it so that I could easily create this post and have some items to show anyone who asks. There as items here that are definitely wish items like the Dyson and camera lens as they are pricey, but they are both items I am longing for! I never imagined I would have a hoover on my birthday Wishlist, never in a million years, but here I am hoping that one day I'll get it because it looks fantastic plus it would mean no more lugging a clumpy hoover around that exhausts me after 10 minutes. 

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  1. This is a great list! Like you, I find it very hard to ask for things but yet I have things I wish I could have all the time!

    🌿 Marissa Belle × marsybun.com 🌿

  2. Thanks for sharing your wishlist, I hope you get something from it and hope you have a great birthday :)

    Nic | Nic's Adventures & Bakes