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Hello new month! can you believe we are in August already? This year is flying past. Anyway, with a new month comes new advertisers and this month I have 8 amazing bloggers for you to check out. 

Please note that my Advertisers post is exactly what it says, advertising so these spots have been paid for.

I am very honoured to have these lovely 8 bloggers advertising with me this August, I have been combing through their blogs the past few weeks and I am loving their content. I have recommended posts below for each site that I found to be good reads. 

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logo from Franklykiersten.com
First up I have Kiersten from Franklykiersten.com with me this month for advertising. Kiersten is from Dallas and runs a lifestyle blog where you can find posts on subscription boxes, beauty products and more. I have been reading through Kiersten's blog and I loved her post on - Notoriously Morbid Coffin of Necessities - Summer 2020 (Flesh of the Gods) Review - I adore subscription boxes so it was interesting to hear about Coffin of Necessities and what they offer, I loved the look of the products as well, Kiersten has put up a great review.

A Little about Franklykiersten:

"Hi, I'm Kiersten! I'm a 25-year-old living in Dallas, GA, married, and have an affinity for subscription boxes and beauty products, nail polishes and makeup, and all things indie. I try to blog at least three times a week, but sometimes there's more. I also review men's subscriptions as well as gaming/nerdy boxes here and there, this couldn't be done without the help (and opinions) of my husband. He keeps me up to date on what's cool and new, and what he doesn't like. It's a give and take because he gets cool stuff but he puts up with all of my beauty stuff laying around. "

Kiersten's Links:

Blog - Franklykiersten.com
Twitter - @franklykiersten
Instagram - @franklykiersten
Facebook - Facebook.com/franklykiersten

logo from Alifeonadime.com
Next up I have Cassie from Alifeonadime.com with me for August advertising, I have followed Cassie for a while now and really enjoy her content. On Cassie's blog you will find lots of information on budgeting, meal planning, keeping a healthy home and more. A post I really enjoyed from Cassie recently was - Three Popular Budget Methods Explained - I am starting to cut back a lot, especially with the dreaded virus and this post was extremely helpful.

A little about Alifeonadime:

"Hi! I’m Cassie and I am so glad you’re here! This site was inspired by my family’s journey to live life to the fullest on less. But what does that look like? It involves budgeting and meal planning, a little minimalism, a strong backbone, and a lot of faith. Here you can find information on how and why to get started on a Budget, Meal Planning help along with Recipes, tips on how to keep a non-toxic, healthy home, and use quality essential oils on a budget, and lots more information on the Blog!"

Cassie's Links:

Blog - Alifeonadime.com
Instagram - @alifeonadime
Twitter - @alifeonadime

logo from Whathelenloves.com

Next up we have Helen from Whathelenloves.com with me for advertising again and I am very honoured to have her for another month. On Helen's blog you can find posts such as 15 ways to feel more motivated and How to start journaling and make it a habit. A post I really enjoyed from Helen recently is - 10 Easy Ways To Declutter Your Mind - I really needed to read this, my mind is always on the go and I found these tips helpful.

A little about Whathelenloves:

"Hello there. My name is Helen, the person behind What Helen Loves. Thank you so much for stopping by! What Helen Loves is a wellbeing and lifestyle blog, all about inspiring you to live a more simple and intentional life and to live the life you love with less."

Helen's Links:

Blog: Whathelenloves.com
Twitter: @Whathelenloves
Instagram: @_whathelenloves
Bloglovin: Bloglovin.com/@whathelenloves
Pinterest: Pinterest.co.uk/whathelenloves
Facebook: Facebook.com/whathelenloves

Logo from Ongheu.blogspot.com

Next up I have Alice from Ongheu.blogspot.com with me again for another month of advertising! Last month you will have seen that I was excited because Alice's content involves cats! Special agent Nyx is fantastic. 
I love that Alice's content is different, it's not like anything I have came across before. Although her content is primarily in Italian, you can use the translator on google which will translate the whole site and allow you to enjoy her content, but, there is also Bilingual content such as Totus ardeo! The Summer Songbook of Europe - Martial's Epigrams. One of Alice's posts I recently enjoyed was - PHOTO OF THE WEEK - Special Agent Nyx, CUDDLES mission! pt.2 - where we see the real life Special agent Nyx! He is a cutie.

A Little about Ongheu:

"In this blog you will find, Comic strips about our cat-life, some of them organised in Comic strip series. History, philosophy and books Parodies, Pictures and photo galleries of my Noble Cats. Fan arts and drawings"

Alice's Links:

Blog: Ongheu.blogspot.com
Twitter - @Ongheu
Instagram - @ilregnodellongheu

logo from Earthcruisin.com

Next up I have Katie from Earthcruisin.com with me this month, on Katie's blog you will can learn how to have the freedom to live your life on your own terms, Katie also offers blogging tips, resources, content on how to make money and more. I really enjoyed Katie's post - he Step by Step Guide on How to Become a Digital Nomad - because it was very insightful on creating income online and being able to travel which is something I have been trying to work towards since my little one was born. 

A Little about Earthcruisin:

"I’m Katie Lamb full-time digital nomad, blogger and freelance writer working on building my empire daily. I started this blog at the end of 2019 but only started taking it seriously in 2020. I’ve been a full-time remote worker for about 2 years now making money freelance writing and affiliate marketing. Once I started to realise how many ways you could make money from a blog, I decided to put all my efforts into it to see where it took me."

Katie's Links:

Blog - Earthcruisin.com
Twitter - @earthcruisin
Instagram - @earthcruisin
Pinterest - Pinterest.co.uk/earthcruisin41

logo from Loveemblog.com

Next up I have Em from Loveemblog.com with me this August for advertising, at Ems blog you can read posts on topics such as lifestyle, beauty, Travel and more. There are plenty of categories and posts to read through so you could spend hours reading, I did. A post I enjoyed was - 6 Bullet Journal Pages With Handmade Dorset  - I have been trying to get into bullet journaling for a while so I found this post handy as it told me what I needed plus I found a new stationary company I can lust over.

A Little about Loveemblog:

"My name is Emily, Em for short and welcome to my little corner of the internet! In this blog, you will find a whole range of blog posts from food to fashion, baking to beauty. It's a whole crazy mix but welcome to my world! I love food so you'll find a whole heap of recipes and reviews to delve into and enjoy along with my other passions in life."

Em's Links:

Blog - Loveemblog.com
Twitter - @LoveEm_blog
Instagram - @loveem.blog
Pinterest - Pinterest.co.uk/LoveEmBlogger

logo from Cakecoffeeandchaos.co.uk
Next up I have Tilly from Cakecoffeeandchaos.co.uk with me and Tilly runs a lifestyle blog where you can read about recipes, make-up, mental health and more. I particularly like Tilly's posts on coffee as I am starting to become an avid drinker of coffee myself, so I love to hear about different coffee shops and such. A post I quite enjoyed is Tilly's post - Oat And Coconut Cookies - which is a recipe that I am dying to try out now because I love a good cookie, so does my little one and we enjoy baking together, so this recipe will be tried.

A Little about Cakecoffeeandchaos:

"A 24 year old coffee loving, food obsessed digital marketer who has a passion for cooking, baking and writing."

Tilly's Links:

Twitter - @Tilly_Haines
Instagram - @cakecoffeeandchaos
logo from Icanshowyoutheworld5.com
Last but by no means least I have Mrs D from Icanshowyoutheworld5.com who has some great posts on her blog that you must read, such as Save Money When Travelling With Kids, I found this post extremely helpful! and 7 Ways To get rid of Debt For Life Adventures, these are some staple posts that will be handy for a lot of people, but the post I have enjoyed the most is - How To See Prague On A Budget! - I have had Prague on my travel bucket list for ages, it's such a beautiful place. So, when I saw Mrs D's post, I couldn't not read it, there are amazing tips on how to have a trip there on a budget which suits me perfectly.

A Little about Icanshowyoutheworld5:

"Mrs D started this blog as a way to help people achieve their travel dreams. She loves travelling and exploring new things. She always tries her hardest to show her children the world, hence the name. The family aren’t the richest and live on average salaries but have managed to do and see some amazing things and you can too. Subscribe to the blog to see how. You’ll find travel tips, recommended holiday reads and some money saving tips along the way."

Mrs D's Links:

Blog: Icanshowyoutheworld5.com
Twitter - @Icanshowyouthe5
Instagram - @ican.showutheworld
Pinterest - Pinterest.ca/sam_305

A big thank you to all of my advertisers this month, it is an honour to have you all and I look forward to engaging with you.

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  1. This is a great list of bloggers! Some I knew of already (and love) but I haven't come across most of these - I'll be sure to check them all out!

    Em x

  2. I love checking out new bloggers, I'll have a look at these ones!

    Zoey | www.zoeyolivia.com

  3. Thanks for sharing this great list of bloggers, some these blogs I already follow, the others I might read there posts soon :)

    Nic | Nic's Adventures & Bakes