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Now more than ever I have needed music to help get me through the day. During lockdown I would constantly hook my phone up to my speaker and put music on, wither I was writing, playing with little bear or doing housework, music was on. 

Music really does sooth my soul, ever since I was young and listening to my mum’s CD's and cassette tapes, music has helped me to get through some pretty tough times. I will always remember sneaking into my mums’ room and grabbing her Cher CD, taking it to my room and putting it into my CD player, getting my hairbrush, my feather boa and hitting play to blast "Believe". I would jump around my room, singing my heart out because I LOVED that song, it's my first proper memory of really getting into music and from there I started to take more of my mums CDs and played them, Fire Starter by The Prodigy was another song I used to blast and play, along with Teen Spirit and Oasis. 

What I love about music is that you can get lost in it, it can transport you to a different world, one where there's no pain and suffering. When I listen to music, I always feel a little better, well, depending on what playlist I pick for my mood, sometimes I need a pick me up so I will use my Feel Good Spotify Playlist but if I am in the mood to sit with my feelings, I will use my "Personal" playlist which has songs that mean something to me from each period in my life, maybe I'll share it one day but I find this to be my most personal and treasured playlist as it has my uncles funeral songs on it, my mums funeral songs, her favourite songs, songs that helped me through myself harm and more, so I treasure it a lot. 

Anyway, today's playlist is my Summer one, the one that I love to put on when I am chilling in the garden with a cocktail, or in the car on an especially hot day and windows down, or when I need a bit of sunshine in my life in the form of music. I like to think I have a well-rounded taste in music as I am open to all genres and my Summer playlist definitely is a mixed bag with the likes of Hole, The Cardigans, Jimmy Eat World, The 1975, Cher, MGMT, Conor Ross, Weisser Quiff, BeyoncĂ©, The Cure, Bastille, The Smashing Pumpkins, The Hunna, Fickle Friends, Lizzo, The Cardigans, Lorde, Hanson, Lana Del Rey, Gorillaz, David Bowie, Kayla Brianna and many more! 

So, without further ado, here is my Spotify Summer Playlist.

I have been making good use of my Summer playlist the past few weeks, but this week especially with the sun shining and little bear going back to school, it's been great to stick it on and get to work wither that be housework or blog work. Normally I have my Let's Do This Playlist on but since the sun has been out, I thought it was about time I really listened to my Summer. 

Hopefully you like my Summer playlist and could maybe find some new songs to add to your own. I would love to know what kind of music you're into, let me know below.
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  1. You've got some amazing songs on your Summer playlist Jordanne! There's always some songs that are just meant to be listened during the Summer months! x

    Lucy |

  2. I love making a new playlist for each new month that comes, and when it comes to Christmas, I have two, very long, but very fun playlists that I like to blast all December long :') It truly is so incredible how music can affect every aspect of our soul in a variety of different ways xx

  3. I've been on the hunt for a good playlist, and I love the look of this one! I feel like I'm terrible at putting playlists together, so I'll be using this one for sure xx

    Hannah |

  4. Music is life! I would honestly be so lost without it. I'm always looking for a new playlist to add, so I'll have to check yours out. Thanks for sharing!