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Close up photo of the 5 items I received from Zi Beauty

Gift boxes, they are fabulous for the personal touch when it comes to birthdays and special occasion aren’t they? And even better if you shop with a small business because you are guaranteed to get the personal, loving touch and that's exactly what you get with ZI Beauty. 

Please note that I was sent these products from Zi Beauty to review but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

I was very kindly gifted a box full of goodies from Zeenat to try out and review. As soon as I checked out her Instagram full of her stunning products, I was excited because they all looked amazing, especially the beauty bars. 

A little about Zi Beauty 

Zi Beauty is an organic, handmade, luxury skincare and wellness brand, using the best ingredients for their products. Their ethos is " to love yourself and the environment around you. This is why 98% of their packaging is eco-friendly, recyclable and sustainable. They hope to be 100% in the coming months"

When I received my box of goodies from Zeenat at Zi Beauty, I was so excited to open the box and see what was inside because straight away I could smell them! The box was a lovely pink colour with personalised ribbon around it with the Zi Beauty name, it was a lovely detail for sure. Once I opened the box, I could see how much time and care had been put into the overall presentation, everything was neatly placed and looked fantastic. 

What I received in the box 

Close up of the white beauty bar with pink rose petals in it on a white bed side table

Close up photo of Ofaglasgowgirl holding the white beauty bar with pink rose petals in it

Beauty Bar

They beauty bar smells amazing, it has oatmeal, shea butter, rose petals and more making this a beautiful concoction to use in the bath to leave your skin looking and feeling great. 

I've used this beauty bar every time I've had a bath or shower and it leaves my skin feeling amazing, major heart eyes moment. 

Close up photo of the Seductive candle from Zi Beauty


I received the Seductive scented candle, which is made from eco soy wax, it has cafe instructions on the back which was a nice touch to ensure the candle burns for maximum time. 

I have had the candle burning every night for 6 days for around an hour and there is still plenty left, so it's definitely got good burn time on it and it smell heavenly. 

Birds eye photo of 4 wax melts on a resin tray with flower petals in it from Zi Beauty

Birds eye photo of 4 wax melts on a resin tray with flower petals in it from Zi Beauty

Wax melts 

There were 4 mini wax melts in the box which came presented in a lovely organza bag and they smell soooo good, exactly like the beauty bar so I assume they have hints of rose and lavender in them. 

I've only used two of these, I put them in my wax burner at the same time and the scent was all over the whole upstairs of the house. It wasn't overpowering, which was nice, it was just the right amount that had the place smelling great. 

Close up photo of the resin tray with flower petals in it from Zi beauty

Resin tray 

In the box there was also a beautiful rose dish which is resin that has flower petals in it, making for a beautiful home decor item. I've used mine for keeping my beauty bar on in the bathroom and it looks great. 

Close up photo of the 5 items I received from Zi Beauty

Bath salts 

Last but by no means least were the Himalayan pink salts which help to de-stress, detox and relax muscles, always something I need! 

I've gotten two uses from the bottle, which is quite good, meaning it's not a one-time use and then it's over. They were a great addition the bath.

Close up photo of the 5 items I received from Zi Beauty

All in all, I really enjoyed the products I received, they smell great, work really well and I felt so relaxed having a pamper night with them all. I would definitely recommend checking out Zi Beauty, there are loads of different items to choose from plus you can get gift boxes for someone else for an occasion or even treating yourself. Not only are you getting amazing items, you're also helping to support a small business. 

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  1. Thanks for sharing your review, these products look lovely esp the bath bar with the rose petals :)

    Nic | Nic's Adventures & Bakes