10 Tips for Healthy Hair

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Keeping my hair healthy is always a priority for me, ever since I started to grow out my hair, I've been obsessed with looking after my locks. 

I've been through some journey with my hair, I recently spoke about it in my post My Hair Journey where I talked about everything from getting my hair cut short to over processing it, so I won't go into much of that here but if you want to see my hair transformation and how much of a difference there is, you can check that out on that post.

How I went from this

To this

Because keeping my hair in good condition has been a top priority, I've done countless hours of research on how to get long, healthy hair. Plus, I studied hair dressing for a year which helped me understand the basics of good hair care and what the hair needs in order to be healthier.

My hair hasn't always been long, in fact, it was quite short at one point because I wasn't looking after my hair. Any chance I got, I was colouring it because I was very unhappy with how it looked, which looking back now I can see that I was just creating more problems for my hair. 

It took me around 3 years to fully get my hair to a length I wanted, although my hair seemed to grow quickly within a year of me taking my hair care seriously (photo's below), I had visions of "mermaid hair", so I kept on growing it until it was touching my tail bone.

I've gotten countless complements on my hair since it's been long, some have been because of the length, but mostly they have been about the condition of my hair which I won't lie, makes me feel good since I do take my hair care seriously. 

There's one comment that always sticks out to me, I remembered being in Lush at Glasgow Fort stocking up on my favourite bath products when the cashier asked if my hair was real because it looked so smooth and shiny! She couldn't believe that it was all my own hair and even asked if she could feel it, then said to her colleague on the other till that she wanted my hair and that she should feel it, which I agreed to and they both talked to me for a bit, asking how I managed to grow it so long and healthy at the same time. I felt great about that because if others were noticing how healthy it was, it meant my hair routine was working. 

Because I've taken such great care of my hair and managed to take it from a lacklustre heap to long healthy locks, and the fact I've been asked a few times how I done it, I wanted to share my top 10 hair care tips to aid others who are looking to transform their hair, no matter the length. 

Wash it once to twice a week

When I started to grow my hair, really taking care of it, I only washed my hair once a week. Now, to some this might sound unclean but it's actually not great washing your hair every day or every second day as this can strip your hair of its natural oils which help to keep your scalp and hair healthy. Shampooing it too much can often result in your sebaceous glands producing more oil to make up for the fact they are being stripped from the hair which in turn can actually make your hair more greasy then you may feel you need to wash it more because of this and it can actually make your hair dryer.

I found that once I stopped washing my hair as often, it wouldn't look greasy as quick and eventually I got about 6 or 7 days out of it before I had to wash my hair again. I suggest starting out by leaving your hair two or three days at a time and building it up from there. This will "train" your hair. 

Not washing it as often made a huge difference for me, split ends weren't occurring as much, my hair looked and felt healthier and now I only wash it when I absolutely have to; Every other day now I use dry shampoo which has been an absolute god send. 

Also, when your hair is wet, it is in a weakened state which can make your hair more susceptible to damage so it's best to limit that as much as possible.

Avoid heat 

Heat can be very damaging to hair; I try to avoid it when I can. For the first 2 years I avoided heat altogether, letting my hair dry on its own without the aid of a hairdryer and my hair instantly looked better for it. 

Using too much heat on your hair can damage it, causing it to dry out, break and cause more split ends. When you're constantly heating your hair and then cooling it will lead to breakage which I'm sure no one wants.

Now, I only use heat if I'm curling my hair and even then, I've cut down on that a lot, maybe only doing it once a month or if I know I have something important on where I feel styling my hair would look better. But even at that, if I can find a way to avoid heat in order to style my hair, I will.

Use heat protection spray 

If you are going to use heat wither that be with a hair dryer, straighteners, curlers etc... then always use a heat protection spray. I used to think they were another way for big companies to make money until I tested it out, I sprayed one hand with the heat protection spray and left the other without, I then put on a hair dryer, asking my gran to hold it over my hands and the one without any spray got hotter a lot quicker. I don't know why that was the case because I didn't really think it would work like that, so I was really surprised. 

I recommend the TRESeme hair protection spray, I used it for over 7 years but recently I have been using the Shrub heat protection spray and I find that one works great as well, plus there are other products in their range and they all have the same scent which means if you're going to be using a few of them, you aren't mixing scents. 

Don't wrap your hair in a towel 

When your hair is wet it's at its weakest and rubbing it with a towel or wrapping it up can cause split ends and damage the hair. Avoiding this will help keep your hair looking healthier for longer. 

Use a wide tooth comb 

When it comes to brushing your hair when it's wet, I would recommend a wide toothed comb and only using a brush if it's absolutely necessary. I know there are brushes designed for wet hair, but I found using a comb works better as it's not as harsh on knots or tangles.

Avoid always wearing hair in a bobble 

Wearing your hair tied up all the time can cause breakage and it pulls on the hair follicles which causes stress and strains your scalp.

Minimize the amount of times you dye your hair 

If possible, avoid dying your hair altogether but if you're like me and have a different colour from your natural that you like to keep up, minimise the amount of times you use dye. I used to slap it on at any sign of my roots coming in but now I wait a little longer before putting the dye on again. Also, if you can, it's probably best to go to a hair dressers for it and avoid box dyes. 

Use sulphate free shampoo

Using sulphate free shampoo has been a game changer for me, I used to have quite dry hair and when I changed to sulphate free ones from OGX, my hair was feeling and looking better because they don't strip away the hairs natural oils like other sulphate shampoos. 

Conditioner treatments 

Hair masks or conditioning treatments can work wonder for you hair, especially if you feel it getting a little dry. There are lots out there on the market but the ones I would personally recommend are:

  • Aussie Deep Treatment 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor
  • Tresemme Restructuring Deep Conditioning Treatment Masque
  • HASK Argan Oil Repairing Deep Conditioner

Massage scalp 

It may sound silly, but massaging your scalp regularly can help to promote a healthy environment on your scalp for hair growth. I tend to massage my scalp every time I wash my hair whilst I'm shampooing it and I also try to do t for 10 minutes every night before bed.

And there you have it, my 10 tips for healthy hair and all the methods I used to grow my hair long and healthy. Below are some of the products that I have used throughout my journey and still use now because I love them so you can see what I found worked.

Products I would personally recommend:

  • OGX Thick & Full Biotin & Collagen Shampoo
  • OGX Extra Strength Coconut Miracle Oil Shampoo
  • OGX Extra Strength Coconut Miracle Oil Conditioner
  • TRESemm√© Keratin Smooth Mask 
  • Palmer's Coconut Oil Deep Conditioning Protein Pack
  • OGX Extra Damage Remedy Strength Coconut Oil
  • Superdrug Studio Paddle Brush
  • Tresemme Heat Defence Spray
  • Shrub hair care, I have a review if you want to check that you - Shrub Hair Care Review
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