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Hello September, one of my favourite months of the year because this month, is my birthday month! In 18 days, I'll be turning 28 which is scary as I feel like I've not been 27 for long enough haha. 

As well as this being my birthday month, it's also the start of Autumn on the 22nd which means my favourite season is upon us. I can't wait for the jumpers, scarfs, tights and autumn dresses, all the candles and the leaves changing colours, it's magical. 

Anyway, to kick September off, I have 7 amazing bloggers for you to check out! So grab a cuppa, settle in and get ready for some binge reading.

logo from Whathelenloves.com

First up we have Helen from Whathelenloves.com with me for advertising again this month and I a so thrilled to have Helen with me. I adore reading through Helens blog and one post that I really enjoyed recently was - 6 Simple Steps To Deal With Stress - I liked this post because I have been stressed out of my mind recently and I really needed this, there are some great tips so definitely check it out.

A little about Whathelenloves:

"Hello there. My name is Helen, the person behind What Helen Loves. Thank you so much for stopping by! What Helen Loves is a wellbeing and lifestyle blog, all about inspiring you to live a more simple and intentional life and to live the life you love with less."

Helen's Links:

Blog: Whathelenloves.com
Twitter: @Whathelenloves
Instagram: @_whathelenloves
Bloglovin: Bloglovin.com/@whathelenloves
Pinterest: Pinterest.co.uk/whathelenloves
Facebook: Facebook.com/whathelenloves

logo from Icanshowyoutheworld5.com
Next up I have Mrs D from Icanshowyoutheworld5.com with me again this month and it's an honour! Over the past month I have been soaking up all of Mrs D's content and one post that I loved was - 11 Common Travel Mistakes & how to fix them - The title really drew me in incase I was making any mistakes but thankfully I don't! but I found it an informative post and helped me realise how I could fix any mistakes if I do make them. If you are travelling anywhere, definitely check out this post as it's a great resource.

A Little about Icanshowyoutheworld5:

"Mrs D started this blog as a way to help people achieve their travel dreams. She loves travelling and exploring new things. She always tries her hardest to show her children the world, hence the name. The family aren’t the richest and live on average salaries but have managed to do and see some amazing things and you can too. Subscribe to the blog to see how. You’ll find travel tips, recommended holiday reads and some money saving tips along the way."

Mrs D's Links:

Blog: Icanshowyoutheworld5.com
Twitter - @Icanshowyouthe5
Instagram - 
Pinterest - Pinterest.ca/sam_305

logo from Franklykiersten.com

Next up I have Kiersten from Franklykiersten.com with me again this month for September advertising, having people return is always a great feeling so thank you Kiersten for coming back. I have really enjoyed all Kiersten's nail polish posts, if you didn't know, I am a huge nail fan, I wear them constantly so I found that the reviewers were a great way to find new brands to try out and colours. A post I really enjoyed was - Rogue Lacquer - Fire Rainbow Review | June 2019 Polish Pickup - because the colour is STUNNING! and I found that the review was informative in showing what it looked like and talked about the finish etc.

A Little about Franklykiersten:

"Hi, I'm Kiersten! I'm a 25-year-old living in Dallas, GA, married, and have an affinity for subscription boxes and beauty products, nail polishes and makeup, and all things indie. I try to blog at least three times a week, but sometimes there's more. I also review men's subscriptions as well as gaming/nerdy boxes here and there, this couldn't be done without the help (and opinions) of my husband. He keeps me up to date on what's cool and new, and what he doesn't like. It's a give and take because he gets cool stuff but he puts up with all of my beauty stuff laying around. "

Kiersten's Links:

Blog - Franklykiersten.com
Twitter - @franklykiersten
Instagram - @franklykiersten
Facebook - Facebook.com/franklykiersten

Logo from ourfavouritejar.com

Next up I have Claire from Ourfavouritejar.com for September advertising. I really enjoy Claire's blog because it's filled with honest everyday life posts which are nice to read but there are also lots of informative posts on items such as notebooks, like this post I enjoyed - Best ways to use a brand new notebook - As a stationary addict, I LOVE getting new notebooks but for some reason, they sit on my desk gathering dust because I have no idea what to do with them so the ideas in Claire's post were fantastic.

A Little about Ourfavouritejar:

"My name is Claire and I am a 35 Mum of one, Step-Mum to two and Future wife to Mr P.
My blog began from a Christmas gift I made for the whole family. A jar full of lovely things to do together. It soon became a place where I could talk honestly about the difficulties I faced when I lost my Mum. Writing has always been a passion and for the first time I felt like I was using it for good, helping people. I also love to docum
ent family life. I love involving the children and Mr P in all blog related activities."

Claire's Links:

Blog - Ourfavouritejar.com
Twitter - @ClaireLomax4
Pinterest - Pinterest.co.uk/clomax2
Facebook - Facebook.com/ourfavouritejar

Logo from lifewithktkinnes.com

Next up I have my girl Katie from Lifewithktkinnes.com with me for advertising this month! It's an honour and I am so excited to share her blog with you all. I have been reading Katies blog for years and I should probably say, she's one of my closest friends and I love this girl to bits. I always enjoy reading through her blog when I get the chance, and I really loved this post - The Art of Being Normal: My Spoiler-Free Review - because I have been trying to keep up reading books regularly and always on the look out for a new recommendations. I loved this review because there were no spoilers and it made me want to run out and get the book! I love anything with secrets and a little bit of mystery, and I feel this ticks the boxes.

A Little about Lifewithktkinnes:

"Having started blogging back in June 2014, I know I no longer count as a ‘new’ blogger but what I love about this community is you can be here for years and still find out stuff you never knew existed before! I started blogging back when I felt I had no one to talk to, using my family’s nickname for me as a starting point. Since then, I’ve made some incredible (hopefully life-long) friends both through uni and blogging, but I still come on here at least once a week to update you on the rambling that goes on inside my head."

Katie's Links:

Blog - Lifewithktkinnes.com
Twitter - @kvburton657
Instagram - @lifewithktkinnes
Pinterest - Pinterest.com/lifewithktkinne
Facebook - Facebook.com/lifewithktkinnes

Logo from Theprocrastinatingmum.co.uk

Next up I have Lisa from Theprocrastinatingmum.co.uk with me for September advertising and I am honoured as I have been a reader of Lisa's blog for a while now, I particularly love her honest posts on Mental health as I enjoy when people are candid about it as I suffer with Depression and Anxiety, so reading other peoples thoughts and posts, sort of helps me feel not so alone. A post I really enjoyed from Lisa recently though was - What Happens To Your Body After Giving Birth - I really with I had a post like this to read when I was pregnant with Little bear because I had no idea what my body was going to go through, so I think this is a great resource for any expecting mother.

A Little about Theprocrastinatingmum:

"Hello! My name is Lisa and welcome to my blog! I am very glad to have you here. I am a 30 something wife and stay at home mum. I’ve been blogging for about a year now and loving every minute of it! This blog is about my life with anxiety, all things parent/child-related, fertility, beauty and whatever else takes my fancy also thrown in there! I have always suffered from anxiety but after the birth of my son the anxiety took over, so I decided to start writing about my anxious life. The aim is to help sufferers of anxiety and other mental health issues realise that they are not alone, it’s nothing to be ashamed of and to seek help. Hopefully, I will also make you laugh and maybe give you some helpful hints and tips along the way."

Lisa's Links:

Blog - Theprocrastinatingmum.co.uk
Facebook - Facebook.com/theprocrastinatingmum
Instagram - @the_procrastinating_mum
Twitter - @The_Procras_Mum
Pinterest - Pinterest.co.uk/theprocrastinatingmum

Logo from thegoodlivingblog.com
Last but by no means least I have Shirsha from Thegoodlivingblog.com with me this month. Shirsha covers an array of topics on her blog such as Travel, Beauty, Wellness and more. I have been reading through Shirsha's blog and I have to say, I love the aesthetic! I found that I fell in love with this post - How to Start a Journaling Practice (+35 Free Journal Prompts) - because I love to use my journal but I am not the best at it, so I would love to do it more effectively, so I found this post very helpful.

A Little about Thegoodlivingblog:

"Hi guys! I am Shirsha, and I’m so glad that you’ve taken a moment to stop by! I’m a Bombay(Mumbai)-based sales & marketing professional by day + a blogger and memory-keeper by whenever-I-can-find-the-time! The Good Living Blog is my little place on the internet, where you’ll find a little bit of everything that delights and inspires me: travel diaries, book and TV show recommendations, occasional recipes, favourite beauty products, fashion inspiration, wellness, and a lot more! My hope is to inspire you to live and create a good life, as I go about finding and creating goodness in mine!"

Shirsha's Links:

Blog - Thegoodlivingblog.com
Pinterest - Pinterest.com/goodlivingblog_
Instagram - @Goodlivingblog_
Twitter - @Goodlivingblog_
Bloglovin - Bloglovin.com/blogs/good-living-blog-14371741

A huge thank you to all of my September Advertisers
 it is an honour to have you all and I look forward to engaging with you.

If you would like to advertise with me, you can find all of the details here - Thelifeofaglasgowgirl.co.uk/advertise
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  1. These are some amazing bloggers Jordanne, I love Claire from Our Favourite Jar, she's so lovely! x

    Lucy | www.lucymary.co.uk

  2. I’m in lovely company here! In fact some of my favourites! Looking forward to reading more from them all x x

  3. Thanks for sharing your advisters this month, a great selection of blogs to check out :)

    Nic | Nic's Adventures & Bakes

  4. This was a lovely read it’s great to discover some new blogs and bloggers to follow, I’ve read and commented on some of these so thank you for sharing xx

  5. This is a fab read, I love to discover lovely new blogs and bloggers to follow. I’ve had a read and commented on some of these, they are lovely so thank you so much for sharing xx