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Hallotober is the one time of year I feel completely in my element, the whole vibe calls to me from the crisp morning air to the dark, cosy nights with candles filling my room. And what makes this time of year even more special for me is the fact I can binge watch everything horror/Halloween related and get the spooky vibe to match. 

It really is no secret that I love this tome of year, especially when my content is centered around it for the next month, I just love everything to do with October, but I won't go into it here, instead you can read all about the reasons I am smitten by October in my post - Welcome to Hallotober

Normally when I do posts on what I'm watching, I'll speak about what I've watched already but this time I wanted to try something different and talk about the movies and shows that I have on my to watch list for the month, this way I can keep track of my list and then hopefully at the end of the month I can do a look back post and share my thoughts on each of the titles mentioned here. 

So, without further ado, here's what's on my to watch list for October. 

The chilling adventures of Sabrina

I've already watched all the seasons of The chilling adventures of Sabrina, but I like to re-watch them at this time of year because they definitely fit the vibe. I'm not sure if I'll start from season one or not since I re-watched them during lockdown, but I'll definitely be watching season 4 again. 


I have been wanting to watch Krampus for a while now but I've been saving it for October. I know it's Christmas based, but it's classed as a horror so I'd like to watch it during Hallotober. 


I've not seen Hereditary yet, even though I've heard great things about the movie but it's never been the right time for it, but this month I'm going to make a point of watching it.


I can't not watch Halloween at this time of year, it's one of those movies that will always be watched around Halloween and I'll continue to watch it every year. 

The Nun 

The Nun was a fantastic film, well, what I saw of it anyway as I fell asleep when we put it on one night haha, so my plan is to watch it the whole way through this time.

The Baba Dook

I don't get scared with horror movies anymore, well, I didn't until I watched The Baba Dook when it came out in the cinema. Its the only movie I've watched that's actually frightened me and I have no idea why! To me it's a scary film and I vowed never to watch it again but S twisted my arm so to speak so its on our to watch list for October, I just hope I can get through it haha. 


Normally I'm not a fan of movies that have English dubbed over it, I would much prefer subtitles but I've heard this is a great zombie film so it's on my list, here's hoping it's good. 


I completely forgot about this movie until I saw it when I was researching films on Netflix for my post- Mega list of Horrors on Netflix UK - I remember S and I watching this on one of our movie marathon nights back in 2012 and it was a fantastic film, so when I saw it was on Netflix, I just HAD to add it to our list. 

The Babysitter Killer Queen

I remember watching The Babysitter when it was released on Netflix and I thoroughly enjoyed it, then I saw there was a new one released and I just had to add it to my list! I'm looking forward to seeing if this one is any good. 

The Haunting of Sharon Tate

I really wanted to see this when it first came out but I never got around to it. Charles Manson and his cult has always fascinated me, I'm a huge true crime fan so when I heard of this film, I couldn't wait to watch it, but life got in the way and I forgot all about it, until I saw it was available on Netflix and that gave me the change to finally make a plan for watching it. 

A Nightmare on Elm Street 

Every year we watch some classic horrors and A Nightmare on Elm Street always makes the cut. Fun fact, the first time I saw Freddie krueger was when my mum and her boyfriend at the time were watching it in the living room after I was put to bed, but I woke up and sneaked into the living room, hiding behind the couch and as soon as I looked at the TV I saw Freddie with the long arms, running down an ally and I screamed! I was petrified and he haunted me for months after that. I'll never forget the fright my mum got either because she jumped 10 feet in the air haha, I look back now and laugh but at the time it was hella scary. 

I See You 

I haven't seen this movie, nor had I heard of it before, but when I saw it on Netflix I was intrigued, so it's made my to watch list. 

Others on my list:
  • The Conjuring 
  • Signs
  • Saw
  • Outpost
  • Friday 13th
  • The Silent House
  • Gothika
  • The Fourth Kind 
  • The Vampire Diaries
  • Hannibal
  • Hellfest
  • Halloween
  • Hocus Pocus

And that's my Hallotober to watch list, hopefully I'll get through them all, I'm pretty sure I will because I tend to soak up as many horror films or series as possible during October, they are pretty much the only thing I'll watch when Little bear is at school or in bed. 

What's on your to watch list this October? 
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  1. The Babysitter Killer Queen has been on my watch list as well. The chilling adventures of Sabrina is one of my favorite shows! I actually want to watch the original Sabrina series even though I hear it's not scary at all. haha ♥


  2. I really need to watch Krampus and The Nun. Hereditary and The Babadook did nothing for me though, I thought they were pretty bad films!