National Women's Health and Fitness day with ESSENCH

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*Post Contains Gifted CBD oil

Happy National Woman's Health and Fitness day everyone, today I have teamed up with ESSENCH to share my story of living with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue, and how CBD has helped me manage my pain. 

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My Story 

Since I was a teenager, I have been suffering with pain all over my body and it was horrible not knowing why. I spent years trying to get a proper diagnosis, I would attend the Drs almost weekly, looking for any kind of help because I felt like I was suffocating trying to live my life. 

My teens were plagued with days in bed, having to make up excuses as to why I couldn't go somewhere or do something because that was easier than explaining my body felt like it was shutting down and then facing the questions of "but what's wrong?" when I didn't know myself. It was the not knowing that killed me inside, not having an answer or any way to try figure out proper medication. I was checked for sciatica and treated with medication for it before I found out, I was checked for arthritis and treated with medication for that before I found out, I was checked for a lot of things and treated for them before I even knew the result which got me fed up with Drs, so I suffered in silence for a few years. 

Then I came into my 20s and the pain was growing worse, then I started to feel constantly fatigued, I wanted to stay in bed all day, every day. Getting up in the mornings was hard, keeping a full time job was even harder, and I had so many wasted days crying in bathrooms because I couldn't function properly. On top of this, I have depression and anxiety which made this a whole ball of frustration and emptiness.

That was until I got up the courage to start fighting, fighting hard for myself because I couldn't go through life wanting to give up every other day, plus I was a new mum at 21 and I couldn't bare not being able to play with my son, taking him to the park and generally having a good quality of life. So, I began going to the Dr as much as I could and putting as much pressure as I could on him to actually help me, and help me get a proper diagnosis. 

Eventually after two years of fighting and pushing for testing, I was sent to a specialist who diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia and then a few months later, Chronic Fatigue. 

Getting a diagnosis was one of the best days because it meant I could finally find a treatment that worked for me, or so I thought.

I have been on a whole range of pills throughout the years, at one point I was taking 23 pills a day, and it was horrible. After growing up with my mother who was disabled and having to administer pills to her daily, I have a fear of taking medication for long periods of time, so having to take 23 was a nightmare for me. Eventually I got them whittled down to 13 which is how many I am on right now, but there was still something missing because the pills make me feel drowsy which often leads to me having a down day. 

But I have found something now that seems to help in my pain management and that is CBD oil.
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Looking after my Health

Because I live with a chronic disease, taking care of my over all healthy is important to me, I know I have to take care of myself in order to function properly daily because if I don't, I can have even worse down days, suffer migraines, flare up my chronic fatigue and render myself useless.  So, I have been doing my best over the past months to find a routine that works for me plus delve into other pain management apart from medication, that's when I started to seriously consider CBD, but I had no idea what it was, so my research began. 

What is CBD? 

CBD stands for Cannabidiol and is one of over a 100 chemical compounds found in cannabis, but CBD isn't psychoactive like THC which is the principle psychoactive that is found in cannabis, meaning you won't get a "high" from taking it and this makes CBD a popular option when it comes to pain management. 

Why did I choose CBD?

After researching CBD, I came to the conclusion that I wanted to give it a try as the benefits  sounded amazing! But I didn't have a clue on where to find it or what to buy, so I let it go for a couple of months until I was asked to try some out. 

When I first tried CBD, I was looking for my idea dosage and I found that after a couple of tries, I had found what worked for me. Taking the CBD helped my daily life massively, most notably, bed time. Going to bed was always a source of contention with me because I love sleeping but when bed time came around, I would have a flare up starting or I would get restless legs, or cramp, or my insomnia kicking in, meaning my depression wasn't far behind. 

Getting a good sleep is imperative to keeping myself healthy, if I don't get a good sleep, I'm not set up for the day ahead and I encounter really bad side effects from my Chronic Fatigue.  So, when CBD was helping my sleeping, I was over the moon because not only was I feeling less pain at night and getting a good sleep, the next day I would have a good start to the morning and decreasing the chances of a flare up. 

Now, before I go on any further, it's time I introduce ESSENCH.

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Who are ESSENCH?

ESSENCH developed a range of original and distinct formulas for CBD infused skincare products, their first being the REVIVAL moisturising cream. With the popularity of the cream, a welcomed push came to extend their line of CBD skincare. 

The passion for creating products that work using the benefits of CBD came from Christina's own story, who is one of the founders of ESSENCH and was diagnosed with  Endometriosis six years ago and also has a prolapsed disc. You can read more about Christina's story here - About ESSENCH.

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I was first introduced to ESSENCH at the beginning of 2020 when I reviewed two of their bath bombs, The Love Ball and Relax, which are fantastic by the way! I've now bought another couple of bath bombs for my gran and myself because laying in a bath with one of their bath bombs feels really good and helped relieve my muscles for a while. I have also just started using their bath salts which I am in love with because it was heaven soaking in a bath with them. 

Their CBD products are amazing, I truly love using them and I find that adding products like this into my routine help with managing my pain and allowing me a better quality of life, which in turn helps me live a healthier life. But not only do they have everyday skincare or bath items, they also have CBD Oil which you can take throughout the day for managing pain. 

When you have a chronic illness, disease, condition, invisible illness, or are disabled, it can be hard trying to go through day to day life with multiple obstacles in your way, for me it's pain or fatigue, but with taking CBD I have some control over the treatment I have because that way I am not taking multiple pain killers a day. 

Close up photo of the Keto and Kanna 1000MG CBD oil from ESSENCH

I have been using their Keto & Kanna 1000MG CBD oil for the past week and I am very impressed at the quality. Before now I had only tried a CBD through a spray bottle but the ESSENCH bottle comes with a glass pipette to administer the drops under your tongue and I must admit, I much prefer this way than the spray as I felt I had more control over how much I took. 

It was easy to administer and hold under the tongue, I didn't get much of a flavour which was nice and I found the CBD to be over all, really good. I managed to get a good sleep and it's a small enough bottle to carry around. 

Having control over my own health and treatment makes a world of difference, especially after what I experienced with my mum, knowing what I'm taking and why means I have less panic over medication. CBD allows me this freedom and having it as part of my life has made a world of difference, and with a company like ESSENCH I know I have quality products I can rely on, they are a company I stand behind and genuinely like, that's why I partnered with them this National Women's Fitness and Health day, to highlight their brand, their fantastic products and share my story. 

I truly believe in the benefits of CBD, I have found a new lease of life when it comes to tackling every day life. I use products in my bath, I can take an oil orally and with ESSENCH I can also pick up products like hair serum, Body oil, Body Scrub, Balm and more that have CBD and can be used in my journey of managing my symptoms for a better quality of life. 

So please take some time to stop by the ESSENCH website to read more about Christina's story and see how CBD could help you.

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* Please note that I was kindly gifted the CBD oil mentioned in this post from ESSENCH and that this post was a collaboration but there is no monetary exchange*

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