September To Do List

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I am super excited for this month, I've already mentioned it but it's my birthday month and for once, I am starting to get the excited feeling, but not only is it my birthday soon, it's also my grans! She is the 16th, two days before me so I have a lot of organising and planning to do as I want to make this birthday a great time for her. 

My to do list this month mostly reflects the excitement I have for both the birthdays and Autumn starting. Autumn is my favourite time of year, I love everything about it and have actually spoken about some reasons I love it in my post 10 Reasons I Love Autumn if you fancy checking that out. 

Anyway, let's get into my to do list for the month - 

• Get grans birthday presents - I have had no clue what to get her for her birthday this year because she literally has everything she needs... So, I'm thinking about making up a gift box filled with items she can use like deodorant, shampoo and stuff, perfume, hair products and more, as well as a few books she wants like Janey  Godley's book and then some candles and scarfs. I'm hoping I can pull it together and curate a box that she will find useful but also feel spoiled. 

• Buy a candle... ok, maybe a few - I LOVE candles and if I could, I would never use lights, just candles! so, I want to buy some from TKMaxx and grow my collection haha. Love a good candle for the cosy vibes.

• Get Halloween content finalised - I have been working on my Halloween content over the past month since it's my favourite time of year and I am determined to have a good Hallotober on the blog. This month I have to get some photo sets done which I am thoroughly looking forward to. 

• Have a mega clean out - I am planning to have a mega clean out this month, I keep trying to have clear outs here and there but I never fully get round to it, I start and then get distracted so I am hoping to knuckle down and get it done.

• Do 5 sets of nails - I have run low on nails again so this month I want to make at least 5 new sets, especially since my birthday is coming up, I want to have some pretty nails for it. I also want to make more Autumn themed nails to go with the cosy vibe I'm looking to create this year. 

• Do 10 thousand steps at least two days a week - I have been walking a lot more recently and I have been using my Fitbit to track my steps, I'm so proud of the fact I have been hitting 10k steps a lot more so I am challenging myself to get 10k steps twice a week in September and to hopefully keep it going after the month ends

• Change out our spring/summer home decor for out Autumn/Winter decor items - Does anyone else have two different themes for their house? In September we start to change out our home decor from the Spring/Summer stuff to the Autumn/Winter stuff and it's one of the happiest times in my life, because when we start to change it out, Halloween and Christmas doesn't seem too far away. 

And that's my September to do list, I have loads more that need done this month but If I was to write everything out, the post would drag on haha, so I have kept it at a good length I think... hopefully. 

Now to take a look back at August to do list. 

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• Buy flowers - 
 I bought myself two bouquets of flowers and I loved it! Who said you can't buy yourself flowers?  

• Work on video content - I was so/so with this one, I managed to get some stuff filmed but not nearly as much as I wanted. Hopefully in September I can do a little more. 

• Go camping before little bear goes back to school - We went camping! It was amazing, very secluded, didn't bump into anyone and we had a great time which was the goal. Little bear absolutely loved it, and it was nice to get some time away as a family and it was S first time which made it more magical. 

• Start working on releasing ebook - I have been working on this ebook for ages, and I mean it, I have been doing it for over 10/11 months now (I've lost count) and somehow I still don't feel like it's finished. Hopefully this month I can finalise it? 

• Get out with my camera more - Does taking pictures whilst camping count? because that's the only time I got out with my camera sadly enough. 

• Get Little bear ready for primary two - Smashed this one! and little bear went in with no hesitation and have been loving it since. 

• Have at least two pamper nights - I had a load of pamper nights, so consider this one ticked. 

• Start decorating little bears room - Yeah.... that didn't quite happen. We have been busy every single weekend so I haven't had the time to get it started, but as long as I get it done before November, I'll be happy. 

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  1. Can't wait to see your fall/autumn/halloween decor! Your photographs are always so nice to look at x I hope your progress with your ebook goes well! Happy September :D !

    Mari |

  2. Thanks for sharing, I hope you get to complete your to do list this coming month :)

    Nic | Nic's Adventures & Bakes

  3. You have a very full September ahead of you. Can't wait to see what's in store.

  4. Happy late birthday to you and your grans! I'm also a September baby. Mine was the 20th. I love autumn decor. I can't wait to see what you do!