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It's October and I'm excited! this is my favourite time of the year, not that I go on about it or anything haha, but seriously, I am just so stoked to be in Autumn and have those Halloween vibes. I won't rant any more about it here because I've already got a post detailing what this month means to me, you can read it here - Welcome to Hallotober

Todays post however is all about my lovely October advertisers, 7 fabulous bloggers to check out and follow.
logo from Franklykiersten.com

First up I have Kiersten from Franklykiersten.com with me again this month for October advertising, I genuinely mean it when I say having people return for advertising is always a great feeling so thank you Kiersten for coming back again. I enjoy reading Kiersten's content, there's always a new beauty product I had no idea existed that I find out about. 
 A post I really enjoyed was - Fortune Cookie Soap Sugar Pits Veggie Protein Deodorant  - I loved the sound of this Deodorant, the scent pulled me in so I have put it on my list of products to try out.

A Little about Franklykiersten:

"Hi, I'm Kiersten! I'm a 25-year-old living in Dallas, GA, married, and have an affinity for subscription boxes and beauty products, nail polishes and makeup, and all things indie. I try to blog at least three times a week, but sometimes there's more. I also review men's subscriptions as well as gaming/nerdy boxes here and there, this couldn't be done without the help (and opinions) of my husband. He keeps me up to date on what's cool and new, and what he doesn't like. It's a give and take because he gets cool stuff but he puts up with all of my beauty stuff laying around. "

Kiersten's Links:

Blog - Franklykiersten.com
Twitter - @franklykiersten
Instagram - @franklykiersten
Facebook - Facebook.com/franklykiersten

Lisasnotelook.com website header

Next up I have Lisa from lisasnotebook.com with me for October advertising. Lisa is a long time Blogging friend who was one of the first to ever advertise with me, so it's an honour to have Lisa back again. I love to binge on Lisa's content, there is something for everything and I enjoy that, I particularly enjoy Lisa's gardening posts, like this one - September in our garden – a garden diary - All the flowers sound and look beautiful, plus I wanted to mention that my gran said I should feature this post, fun fact, my gran reads Lisa's blog as she is an avid gardener herself and saw I RT something on twitter one day from Lisa, now she enjoys popping on and having a read.

A Little about Lisasnotebook:

"I'm Lisa, a Content Creator, Blogger and Copywriter from Bath. I'm also a mum of one, cat concierge, gardener, beauty, gin & tea lover, and Plantagenet enthusiast!"

Lisa's Links:

Blog: lisasnotebook.com
Twitter: @lisasnotebook
Instagram: @lisasnotebook
Facebook: facebook.com/lisasnotebook
Pinterest: pinterest.co.uk/lisasnotebook
Linkedln: linkedin.com/in/lisa-mclachlan
Bloglovin: bloglovin.com/@lisasnotebook

logo from Whathelenloves.com

Next up we have Helen from Whathelenloves.com with me for October advertising and it's an honour to feature Helen's blog once more, it means a lot when people come back for advertising and I truly am grateful. Helen has a fantastic blog filled with interesting and relatable posts, one such post I have read lately that really struck a cord with me was - Learning To Live Life With IBS - I suffer with IBS as well and reading Helen's story was extremely relatable, it's hard to navigate food with IBS, especially since I still to this day find foods that flare it up. I find reading other peoples stories comforting in a sense I don't feel alone, so please head on over and check out Helens post,

A little about Whathelenloves:

"Hello there. My name is Helen, the person behind What Helen Loves. Thank you so much for stopping by! What Helen Loves is a wellbeing and lifestyle blog, all about inspiring you to live a more simple and intentional life and to live the life you love with less."

Thevioletjournal.com blog header

Next up I have Rhi from thevioletjournal.com with me this month and it's an honour to have Rhi here. Rhi's website is filled with fabulous content, a post I really enjoyed from Rhi recently was her post - 7 Ways to Prevent Dry Hair in the Winter - As you may know, I LOVE my hair, I love taking care of it and making sure that it's always in the best health, so I found Rhi's post really insightful.

A little about Thevioletjournal:

"Hi there! I’m Rhi and I’m the creator of The Violet Journal. I started The Violet Journal to share my thoughts on things that I’m passionate about. These include mental health, well being and personal development."

Rhi's Links:

Blog: thevioletjournal.com
Twitter: @violetjournal0
Pinterest: pinterest.co.uk/thevioletjournal

Header from annchoi.me

Next I have Ann from annchoi.me with me for October advertising, and it's a pleasure to have Ann with me. I love Ann's site, it's beautiful and I love the colour scheme she has. I've been reading through a ton of Ann's posts recently and this one stuck out - Five Things You Probably Didn't Know about Me - because I always enjoy getting to know the bloggers behind the blog, it helps me really make a connection with their work, so it was an interesting read.

A little about annchoi:

"Anywhere with Choi (now called annchoi.me) is a documentation of my life and growth as a person. I mostly write about random what-not on a daily basis; exploring new things, going places, and challenging myself to be fully independent. This blog features a new phase in my life -- living on my own on an island far away hoping to discover more of myself."

Ann's Links:

Blog: annchoi.me
Twitter: @_annchoi
Instagram: @ann.shutterbug
Bloglovin: bloglovin.com/blogs/annchoime-20390141

kayleighzaraa.com website header
Next up Kayleigh from kayleighzaraa.com with me, Kayleigh is a fabulous blogger who has went through a bit of a tough time lately with her Twitter being hacked, so please make sure to head on over and show Kayleigh some love. A post I have enjoyed from Kayleigh recently was - 5 Things to Do In and Around Hertfordshire - reading posts that pertain to travel is my escapism at the moment, so reading what there is to do in other places is always enjoyable. 

A little about Kayleighzaraa:

"Hi, welcome to kayleighzaraa.com my personal spot on the internet where I write about all of favourite topics including food, lifestyle and blogging. I'm a professional blogger with five years of experience, for contact details or to see what resources I use please refer to my pages."

Kayleigh's Links:

Blog: kayleighzaraa.com 
Twitter: @kayleigh__zara
Pinterest: pinterest.co.uk/kayleighzarablogs/boards/

britvoyage.com website header
Last but by no means least, I have Georgia from britvoyage.com for October advertising. Georgia's blog is filled with great content, tips, tricks and everything else in-between. A post I have recently enjoyed by Georgia was - Notes From A Small Island by Bill Bryson – Book Review - As someone who is just getting back into reading again, I love to read a good book review, and Georgia's review of Notes From A Small Island was a good read. 

A little about Britvoyage:

"27 year old blogger, author, teacher, girlfriend and dog lover. I'm passionate about travel and the UK, so here I'll be bringing you inspiration for places to visit throughout Great Britain, and top tips for lifestyle and travel in general. Also a big fan of literature and Pornstar Martinis."

Georgia's Links:

Blog: britvoyage.com
Instagram: @britvoyage
Facebook: facebook.com/britvoyageblog
Twitter: @britvoyage

A huge thank you to all of my October Advertisers it is an honour to have you all and I look forward to engaging with you.

If you would like to advertise with me, you can find all of the details here - Thelifeofaglasgowgirl.co.uk/advertise
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  1. These are some amazing bloggers, definitely going to check them out! x

    Lucy | www.lucymary.co.uk

  2. I am so thrilled to be back advertising with you again, Jordanne, it feels like coming home! And I am beyond honoured that your gran enjoys my gardening posts, that's is just AMAZING, thank you so much for sharing that. I know some of my fellow bloggers but not all so I shall enjoy checking out everyone's content :) xx

  3. Thanks for sharing your advertisers, I follow a couple of these blogs all ready, but there are some new ones to have a look at to :)

    Nic | Nic's Adventures & Bakes

  4. Oooo, I can't wait to check out these lovely bloggers!