Catipilla Cat Scratcher

Photo of a ginger and white cat rubbing against the Catipilla Cat scratcher
*This cat scratcher was gifted by Catipilla

If you've been here for a while reading my blog, you will know that Teddy is such a spoiled little fur baby, and nothing is too good for my little guy. He is 18 years old and I try to make sure he has the best quality of life, especially as he is getting up there in age. So, when Catipilla gave me the chance to review their wall-mounted cat scratcher, I couldn't resist as they look and sound amazing. 

close up of the catipilla cat scratcher

Over the years we have went through countless cat scratchers because Teddy has a habit of ripping them apart in no time, they weren't the sturdiest of items to be fair but we paid good money only for a week later to have bits of rope laying all over the place. Plus, with the free-standing ones I felt like every hour I had to go and pick it up because it had fallen over, which eventually resulted in us giving the scratchers a miss. 

I was excited to see though that the Catipilla scratcher was a wall-mounted one, meaning no more falling over and having to constantly picking it up plus it looked like a great sturdy one with nice thick rope and I wasn't disappointed when the scratcher arrived!

Catipilla are committed to making products that just make sense for cats; founded by Andy and Joseph Sutton, a father-son due, Catipilla came about when the health of their elderly family cat called Smudge started to deteriorate at the age of 15. Here's a little bit from their website to give you an insight into their story - 

"Catipilla came about due to the deteriorating health of an elderly family cat called Smudge. At the age of 15, she lost the strength in her back legs and could no longer jump up and access our home through a ground-floor window. Her quality of life was diminished and we felt that we had to do something. To help, we built her a DIY ramp which improved her daily life and allowed her to continue to come in and out of home as she pleased... Read more" 

Photo of a ginger and white cat rubbing against the Catipilla Cat scratcher

Now that I've introduced you to Catipilla, let's get onto my thoughts about the wall-mounted scratcher. 

The scratcher comes in 5 different sizes from 35cm (which is prefect for kittens) all the way up to 130 cm. The one I went for was the 60cm one which is a fantastic size, perfect for Ted to get his claws into, it comes with the fixings so you can easily attach it to the wall and set up is fairly straight forward, it took me 15 minutes to get it on the wall and ready for use. They also use South American sisal rope which is manufactured from natural fibre from the agave or sisalana plant grown in Mexico and South America. 

Having it on the wall is perfect because it won't go anywhere, and I know I don't need to worry about it falling or being pulled off because it's really sturdy when it's been attached. What I really love about this scratcher is that you can also get replacements for it meaning you don't have to buy a whole new one when it's time to change it over and you can get the replacements straight from the order page, but what's better is you can rotate the scratcher so that all of it is being utilised instead the part at the back never being used, making this a great cost effective scratcher as there won't be any part going to waste. 

Ted absolutely LOVES using the scratcher, he has been at it every day, clawing away which is great because the scratcher is perfect for toning muscles, alleviating stress and keeping claws in tip top condition. 

Photo of a ginger and white cat rubbing against the Catipilla Cat scratcher

All in all, I am really pleased with the Catipilla wall-mounted scratcher and Ted is too, as you can see by the photos. It's a great space saver, it doesn't fall over every-time Ted touches it and he can get his scratch on whenever he likes without the rope coming apart but if it does, I know I can get a replacement easily which is a weight off my mind. 

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*This cat scratcher was gifted by Catipilla but all thoughts and opinions are my own*

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  1. This looks fantastic! Mounting it into the wall is such a great idea! We were forever picking up our regular scratching post (well, for the 3 days Boots used it until he went back to being disinterested in any form of cat toy). Also, I love how photogenic Teddy is in these photos, bless him!

    Em xx