Halloween Themed Freebies

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With Halloween being my favourite time of year, I couldn't pass up the chance to create some October/Halloween freebies.

I guess by now you'll know that I afore Halloween, I've made it very obvious, I am trying to tone it down, but the excitement is coursing through my veins. Because I enjoy this time of year, creating themed freebies has been one of my favourite things to do throughout September, I made so many designs that I had to cut it down to my favourites, but maybe I'll release the rest throughout the month.

This year I had a go at creating Halloween/October themed graphics that are perfect for the season, but not necessarily the associated colours.

My gumroad profile can be found here - https://gumroad.com/jordanneleecreative - It isn't under Ofaglasgowgirl as I am trying to keep all of my creative stuff under my "Jordanneleecreative" umbrella, I also have an Instagram account which I am planning to use a lot more now to showcase more of my photography and film work if you fancy checking that out - https://instagram.com/jordanneleecreative

Like last time, below are all the designs included in this months Halloween freebies pack, instead of uploading them all as photos on the blog for people to right click and save, I have put them on gumroad again so you can choose which ones you want and it keeps things a lot tidier here. Remember, when choosing which ones you want, Enter the amount "0" where it says "name a fair price" to get them for free.

Graphic showing 4 of the free desktop backgrounds available

Graphic showing 4 of the free desktop backgrounds available

9 Desktop Backgrounds 

When it came to creating Halloween freebies this year I couldn't stop! I spent nights creating them, editing and trying to pick out my favourites because I made a lot. I ended up whittling the Desktop backgrounds to 9, 9 of my favourite designs. 

You can grab the Desktop Backgrounds for free here https://gum.co/LMoCX

Graphic displaying 7 of the FREE phone backgrounds available to download

Graphic displaying 7 of the FREE phone backgrounds available to download

14 Phone Backgrounds 

I thought I had a hard time choosing Desktop backgrounds, but whittling down the phone wallpapers was even harder! That's why this month I have 14 up for grabs. Believe it or not, this bunch originally started out with 26 different designs, but alas I couldn't put them all up, so chose my favourites, 

You can get the Phone Backgrounds herehttps://gum.co/tnIPL

graphic shows 4 or the 5 free Halloween themed Instagram story templates available

5 Instagram Templates 

I created a bunch of Halloween themed templates, but whittled it down to 5 for the sake of this post and uploading to Gumroad, but I will be posting a bunch that haven't made it here to my Instagram - @ofaglasgowgirl - into my templates highlight if you fancy checking them out. 

You can get the Instagram templates for free here - https://gum.co/XAInK

And that is the selection of October Halloween themed freebies available. You can get them all on my Gumroad profile where I will be posting more freebies, my ebook, digital products and other new content.
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  1. These are so beautiful! Perfect for Halloween, thank-you Jordanne! x

  2. I love these - so many great options! I am changing up my phone background now. Time to start feeling that spooky season energy every time that I open the phone. After all, I am IN LOVE with Halloween as well!