The Halloween Playlist

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I love a good playlist, I literally have one for every mood, so it's only natural I would have one for October. So, todays post is all about my Halloween playlist, which I have been listening to non stop to be honest. 

I've shared many of my playlists on the blog before like My Feel Good Playlist which I listen to when I need a mood boost, I've also shared my Let's Do This Playlist, that I'll stick on when I have work to do or need motivation to keep going, then there's the Summer playlist which got me through lockdown and the restrictions, having music was one of the silver linings. Oh! And I've also shared my Driving Playlist which is probably my favourite playlist out of the lot, it's the one I listen to the most as I also enjoy listening to it randomly in the house if I fancy a little sing along when I am cleaning or something, although I do alternate it with my Let's do this playlist when it comes to house work. 

So, because I have shared these playlists previously with you all on the blog, I couldn't resist sharing my Halloween playlist here for others to hopefully enjoy!

I like a mix of genres when listening to music, I couldn't pin point one genre that I enjoy more than others. My music taste is a mixed bag, but something about this time of year makes me listen to heavier tunes which always transports me back to my teens when I would attend an underage night club called "Catty unders" and the music was perfect. We would dance the night away, well, until 9, head banging and getting caught up in mosh pits, one of the highlights of my teen years if I'm honest. I would always look forward to a Saturday night so that I could go to the Catty, I genuinely couldn't imagine my later childhood without it, I met a good few of my long time friends there.

Anyway, my point is that this playlist encapsulates my teen years with an array of classic songs that I would head bang the night away to and it's giving me major nostalgia.

Now, before you take a look at my playlist, I should point out that not all songs are Halloween/Spooky themed, some are songs that I remember hearing for the first time around Autumn time, thus creating a connection in my head between the song and this time of year.

However, most of my playlist is filled with random songs that are perfect for this time of year like Thriller, Time Warp, This is Halloween, Somebody's Watching Me, Magic Eyes, I Put a Spell on You, Strange Magic and more.

As you can see, there's an array of different artists and genres throughout the playlist, for me it's perfect for this time of year. I've had it playing since the last week in September and I have loved singing away, getting in the mood for Halloween and everything that comes with it.

Does your music change with the seasons?

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  1. I love your Halloween playlist Jordanne! There are some great classics on your playlist and some songs I hadn't heard of before but will give them a listen to! x

    Lucy |

  2. Great playlist! There's some good Halloween songs on there.

  3. This sounds like a fun playlist for a Halloween! ♥