October to do list

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Crisp mornings, sweater weather, candles, cosy nights in, it's all here and I for one am very excited. October feels like new beginning, a whole new vibe has come swooping in and I live for it. 

I have decided to switch up my to do list post format a little, instead of simply getting into my list, I want to talk about the month before, as a sort of general overview of the month and what happened in it, if anything. I enjoy changing up content, make's it a little more interesting, so I'm experimenting a little. 

September over view 

September was my birthday month, so I spent most of the time just winging it if I'm honest because my mind was preoccupied with the fact I'm another year older and trying to make sure my gran had a good birthday as hers is two days before mine. The month has sort of flown by, I feel like September was a very quick month, probably because I have been enjoying myself mind you, but it felt like I blinked and now we are in October, not that I'm complaining mind you.

September was also filled with working on my final draft of my business plan so that it can be submitted at the start of October and hopefully be approved. I spent hours poring over every little detail to make sure it was perfect, not going to lie though, my nerves surrounding it are going haywire.

I did have a good birthday, I got spoiled rotten and I am very thankful for everything I received, I now have an apple pencil and procreate which is going to make my life a whole lot easier! I have used the pencil every day since I got it, it's very handy when it comes to using some of the products I have created, the ease of use is everything. I also got a blue yeti microphone, I had no idea it was coming, S really did listen plus he was probably sick of me wanting to borrow his ha-ha. I haven't used it much, only twice so far, but it will be getting put to good use soon enough.

At the end of September, I started feeling quite sick, it came on me very suddenly and has resulted in me getting a home covid testing kit. I don't have my results yet, but hopefully I'm not waiting much longer for them; I just want to know so I can put my mind at ease.

All in all, September was a good month, it started out strong and until I started to get sick, I felt like I was on the ups with workflow and finding the perfect routine for me. I'm hoping that October is even better and that I don't have a positive test and that I feel better soon because I don't want October to be a complete flop.

October to do list

• Decorate the house - I want to get the whole house decorated with the Halloween decorations already, normally the 1st of October hits and I have the whole house kitted out. This year though because I'm sick and confined to my room, I haven't got them up yet, only in my room. Fingers crossed I can do them asap.

• Choose Halloween costumes - We still haven't thought about what we will dress up as yet, probably because of everything that's been happening this year, but I want little bear to have a great time, even if he can't go out trick or treating. 

• Buy some Halloween themed candles - I have been trying to get my hands on some Halloween themed candles but I've not found anything that sticks out yet, hopefully I'll get some before the 31st! 

• Carve pumpkins - Carving pumpkins is one of our favourite Halloween activities, Little bear adores scooping everything out of it and mashing it up with his hands and making faces on his pumpkin. I can't wait to get the pumpkins in and get carving.

• Bake Halloween goodies - I have gotten a few Halloween themed baking bokes in so that throughout October little bear and I can have fun in the kitchen, I am so excited to make cookies and cup cakes with him.

• Create a "Haunted House" for little bear - Because little bear can't go out trick or treating and there won't be any Halloween parties this year, I want to make this year special for him. So, I have decided to make the house look haunted, there will be no lights, no TV or anything of the nature, I will have candles on to give us light and some LED lights, I also have a bunch of decorations to put up. 

• Play more horror games - I haven't played any horror games in a while, well, until S and I done a stream together, but I want to get back into Silent hill this October, I love the games!

• Tick off everything on my to watch list - I have a to watch list coming to the blog next week filled with everything I want to consume this month. So, my plan is to tick everything on the list off. 

There is something about October that makes me feel like I can achieve anything, probably because it's my favourite time of the year, meaning I am extra happy and sort of more chilled out instead of feeling tense and stressed. So, let's hope that it means I will get through my to do list with no problems arising. 

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  1. I hope you're going to feel better soon! Good luck with everything on your list, baking Halloween-themed cookies sounds great! :- )

  2. I'm obsessed with the photo you took! Anyway, I do hope you get better soon so you can start decorating your house with Halloween stuff and keep us update!

    Michelle| brokebutflawless.com

  3. Thanks for sharing your to do list, I hope that you get better soon to :)

    Nic | Nic's Adventures & Bakes

  4. Happy Belated Birthday!!!! I hope October is a fabulous month for you and that your test will come back negative and you'll feel much better soon.

    This really is a fabulous time of year. I'm so excited to start our yearly spooky movie watching. We do watch horror outside of October, but it's best when the veil is thin. >:D

  5. Love this! It has given me a few ideas of what I want to do - and reminded me I really need to start thinking about what costumes to get the kids