The ULTIMATE Bloggers Planner

Birds eye view of an iPad on a pink blanket showing the image of a blog planner cover with pink flowers to the left of the photo

Introducing my newest product, The Bloggers Planner. 

Birds eye view of an iPad on a pink blanket showing the image of a blog planner cover with pink flowers to the left of the photo

Birds eye view of an iPad on a pink blanket showing the image of a blog planner cover with pink flowers to the left of the photo

As someone who loves planners and staying organised, I couldn't pass up the chance to create one of my own that suits my needs perfectly as a blogger. 

I've gone through countless planners over the years and every time I get one, I always feel like something is missing, and that was space to effectively track my blog and its progress as well as my everyday life. 

As much as I love planners, I hate having 2 or 3 just so I can stay on top of everything, and with my fibro fog getting worse over the past few months, this leads to forgetting important dates, must do tasks and deadlines because I simple can't keep track of all these different planners. 

So, I sought out to fix that problem by creating a blog planner that suits a bloggers needs, that helps you stay on top of all your blog stuff and personal life simultaneously. With my new planner you can keep track of your everyday life whilst also living your best blogging life. 

This planner has been created using feedback from bloggers on what they want in a planner and my experiences over the past 5 years of running my own blog. it has been made with you, the blogger, at the forefront to create a functional planner that allows you to effectively plan and track your content as well as helping you to stay on top of blog tasks, daily tasks, and everything else in between.

There are a variety of useful pages that are designed to help you create your very best content, with checklists and a guideline for strong blog posts. You will also find room for tracking your stats, setting goals, planning social media posts, monthly evaluations and more.

Take charge of your blogging journey today; stay organised with the monthly, weekly and daily sections, optimise your blog post performance with the planning stages section, get your creative juices flowing with a brain storming session and get ready to take your blogging performance to the next level.

The planners come in three designs and you can get the standard planner or the ULTIMATE planner in two formats, Ebook size or A4 size.

The Standard Planner 

The standard planners come with a whole range of handy pages that will help you stay organised like stats tracking, blog post planning, weekly to do lists, daily to do lists, blogging prompts, editorial calendars and more! These planners have been made with you, the blogger in mind. 

These planners are perfect for those who are looking to stay organised with both their everyday life and blog life but don't necessarily blog for money. And if you are looking for a planner you can print that doesn't waste all your coloured ink, then the black & white planner is PERFECT as it has been made to look both appealing and be functional. 

Abstract Planner -
Black & White Planner -
Blush Floral Planner -

The Ultimate Planner 

This planner has all the goodness of the standard planner as well as the insert pages pack which is perfect for those who are blogging for money or working with brands. There are a range of pages to help you track your income, sponsored posts, affiliate programmes, stats and more. And again, the black & white one is perfect if you want to print but don't want to use up all your coloured ink. 

Abstract Planner -
Black & White Planner -
Blush Floral Planner -

I'm really excited to finally be sharing these planners with you all, I have been working on this for months and now that they are released, I am over the moon. 

So, if you are looking to be more productive with your blog and stay organised, these planners tick all the boxes. 

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  1. I'm so excited for your launch! I fell in love with your black and white design the moment I saw the preview of it and I'll be snapping it up as soon as I finish work!

    These planners look absolutely fantastic and I can't wait to see what else you have in store for us!

    Em xx

    1. Thank you so much for the support hun! It really means a lot and I am incredibly grateful that you bought a planner, honestly, it means so much xxx

  2. Congratulations my lovely, these blog planner are to die for. It is so important to plan blogging its the difference between success and failure.

  3. These blogger planners are amazing Jordanne, they're incredible designs and you should be so proud of yourself! x

    Lucy |

  4. This planner looks perfect for bloggers - I love how it has so many different sections!

    Serena /

  5. This planner looks so beautiful! I love all the different styles. I also struggle with having a few planners on the go at one time so need to find one method that works for me.

  6. These are beautiful and perfect for anyone who blogs! I just love the Black and White planner!

  7. Anything that can help me make better/more productive use of my time is invaluable to me.

  8. I will be ordering one of these in November! I'm so excited. Absolutely brilliant!

  9. Congratulations! So happy for you and these look so cute!


  10. Your designs are soooo pretty! Very exciting to have such a big launch and I am so happy for you!

    ✨ Marissa Belle × ✨