Welcome to Hallotober

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It's here! My favourite time of the month and I am absolutely STOKED. October to me will always be known as Hallotober because its not simply a month, it's a whole mood, a vibe, a way of life that speaks to my soul.

Back in 2017 I first spoke about Hallotober, in my post - It's not October, It's Hallotober - This post was the first time I really delved into my love for Halloween and October on the blog because before hand I was a little worried to really go all out and express how much this month meant to me. But as the years have gone on I've started to realise that showing my love for October and sharing why I'm so excited for it isn't a bad thing and that I should share more content that really makes me happy. 

I've also spoken about Horror month which is another name for October in my house as all through October, the main movie genre of choice is Horrors. I actually re-read this post the other day and it filled my heart with so much love because I saw a part of the conversation S and I had about how October is now his favourite time of year because of me and that fills me with joy becausd now I get to enjoy this month and share it with my soul mate. 

Anyway, today I wanted to take some time to talk about Hallotober and why it means so much to me as well as explaining why I use the term Hallotober instead of October, a bit of a refresh on my first post. 

Hallotober is a vibe, it means that October simply isn't just another month it me, its a whole mood! In October I decorate the house within the first week, the decorations come out of their box (which is huge and just as big, if not bigger than the Christmas box haha) and I get to work on making the house look spooky. I have a whole range of decorations that we use from nice ornaments to lots of bunting that drape the walls. 

This is my pre-Christmas, it's a way for me to express a side of my personality that doesn't come out often. When I was a teenager I was called a goth constantly and I definitely fitted into that catagory, it's how I expressed myself and showed my personality. But, as I got older I didn't dress that way any more and found my own comfy style that couldn't really be considered a style if I'm honest. I fell away from that part of me and grew into my love for all things pink, but deep down I have that love for horror and black which comes out every October. 

Personally I would have a room that reflected this part of my personality all year round if I could, but as I still live with my gran, that's on the back burner for now until I get my own place so I make so with the fact I'm allowed to go as big as I want during October with the decor, as long as its not permanent. 

This time of year really does make me feel good inside, when Autumn hits I get a burst of excitement through my body and on the first crisp morning, I feel myself come alive. There is a whole list of reasons why this time of the year is my favourite, but I have a blog post detailing 10 of them if you fancy a read - 10 reasons I love halloween

Over the next month my blog will be filled with seasonal content, diving into all the topics I get excited about and I can't wait to share it all with you. To kick it off I created a Halloween tag post - Hallotober Tag - which is a Tag for other bloggers to take part in and share the spooky goodness. If you want to take part, all the information can be found on my post linked above. 

So, here's to October, to my favourite time of year, may this lift everyone's spirits and spark some joy.
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  1. I like Hallotober . Sounds cool.Its my fav season too and I am looking forward to all your seasonal posts .


  2. Halloween is my favorite time of the year too! Some people find it off because they say it's too grim and dark but I love dressing up and going to costume parties during this month! Yes it is exactly a vibe and it's nice to find out that there are people who feel the same way about it too!

    Ann | www.annchoi.me

  3. I'm also participating in Blogtober this year (similar to Hallotober) and will be posting Halloween-themed content on my blog throughout the month of October as well. I'm the exact same, pastels on the outside but inside I'm still an emo baby at heart. I love this time of the year! haha ♥


  4. It really is the best time of the year—weather is not too hot and not too cold. We took a walk around a random neighborhood today just to have my daughter search for cool decorations (she liked the witches feet stuck in the ground). Thanks for sharing!

  5. Hallotober is not a term I'd heard before until I saw your site mentioned in the Hallotober Tag Game (I read the post written by Ellie at Ellie's Little World, who you tagged). What a fun concept - very similar to Blogtober, which I'm participating in this year. The Hallotober Tag Game inspired me to create something similar for Blogtober, and so I included a link to your blog in my post. Thanks for the inspiration, and the celebration of all things related to October and Halloween! Here's my post, where I included a link to your blog: