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AD | Happy November everyone, it's a new month and I for one am quite sad because I wish we had a few more weeks of October and all things Halloween left. But, never mind, it's all over and it's on to new things, like this months Advertisers! 

I'm honoured to introduce these 9 fabulous bloggers to you all, so sit back, grab a cuppa and get ready to binge on some great content.

Blog header from concealedvoices.com

First up I have Joseph from concealedvoices.com with me this month for advertising, it's an honour! Joseph has a great blog all about mental health, specifically mental health in men and it's great to see representation for men and openly talking about mental health. I've included some posts that you may like from Josephs blog - 

A little about Concealedvoices:

"My name is Joey and this is my journey. I wanted to do something positive after I got my life back on track. My biggest fear is living life without reaching my full potential and I know there are millions of men in the same position. Men's mental health is real and it holds back so many of us, thus I wanted to create a platform/brand that people can recognise and relate too."

Joseph's Links:

Next up I have Helen from Whathelenloves.com with me for advertising again and it's amazing to be showcasing her blog! I genuinely enjoy reading through Helens content and she has so many helpful and insightful articles on her blog that I am sure you will love! Here are a few - 

A little about Whathelenloves:

"Hello there. My name is Helen, the person behind What Helen Loves. Thank you so much for stopping by! What Helen Loves is a wellbeing and lifestyle blog, all about inspiring you to live a more simple and intentional life and to live the life you love with less."

Blog header from missmonro.com

Next up I have Bianca from missmonro.com with me for November advertising and it's awesome to have her with me this month! Bianca has a beautiful blog, I love her layout, the colour scheme is stunning. She also has some great content such as - 

A Little about Missmonro:

"Hi, I'm Bianca! I'm a Fashion, Beauty, and Lifestyle Blogger from Port Elizabeth, South Africa.
Welcome to my blog, where I showcase my favourite luxury style and accessory inspiration, beauty tips, and more!"

Bianca's Links:

Logo from ourfavouritejar.com

Next up I have Claire from Ourfavouritejar.com with me for November advertising, it's a pleasure to have you with me this month. I really like Claire's content because you will always come away with knowledge and her content is genuinely enjoyable. Please stop by and give Claire's blog a read today, here are two post that you might like - 

A Little about Ourfavouritejar:

"My name is Claire and I am a 35 Mum of one, Step-Mum to two and Future wife to Mr P.
My blog began from a Christmas gift I made for the whole family. A jar full of lovely things to do together. It soon became a place where I could talk honestly about the difficulties I faced when I lost my Mum. Writing has always been a passion and for the first time I felt like I was using it for good, helping people. I also love to docum
ent family life. I love involving the children and Mr P in all blog related activities."

Claire's Links:

Blog - Ourfavouritejar.com
Twitter - @ClaireLomax4
Pinterest - Pinterest.co.uk/clomax2
Facebook - Facebook.com/ourfavouritejar
Lisasnotelook.com website header

Next up I have Lisa from lisasnotebook.com with me again for November advertising! I love showcasing Lisa's blog, I have been reading her content for years now and I'm never disappointed. Here's some posts I think you'll enjoy - 

A Little about Lisasnotebook:

"I'm Lisa, a Content Creator, Blogger and Copywriter from Bath. I'm also a mum of one, cat concierge, gardener, beauty, gin & tea lover, and Plantagenet enthusiast!"

Lisa's Links:

Blog: lisasnotebook.com
Twitter: @lisasnotebook
Instagram: @lisasnotebook
Facebook: facebook.com/lisasnotebook
Pinterest: pinterest.co.uk/lisasnotebook
Linkedln: linkedin.com/in/lisa-mclachlan
Bloglovin: bloglovin.com/@lisasnotebook

britvoyage.com website header
Next up I have Georgia from britvoyage.com with me and Georgia is another returning advertiser! It's an honour to be showcasing her blog. I've been enjoying reading through Georgia's blog, there are loads or interesting posts to read, here's a few you might like - 

A little about Britvoyage:

"27 year old blogger, author, teacher, girlfriend and dog lover. I'm passionate about travel and the UK, so here I'll be bringing you inspiration for places to visit throughout Great Britain, and top tips for lifestyle and travel in general. Also a big fan of literature and Pornstar Martinis."

Georgia's Links:

Blog: britvoyage.com
Instagram: @britvoyage
Facebook: facebook.com/britvoyageblog
Twitter: @britvoyage

blog header from Agirlwithview.co.uk

Next up is Natasha from Agirlwithview.co.uk and Natasha has been here before for advertising so it is a pleasure to have her back again! Natasha has a fabulous blog, filled with captivating content, here are some posts you may like - 

A Little about Agirlwithaview:

"This is my little piece of the internet where I talk about all kinds of things from books, travel, lifestyle, music, beauty and student life. I hope you find something that takes your fancy! I'm currently an English student at university with a love for all things literature, lifestyle and travel so you'll find a good mix of all those topics somewhere on this blog!"

Natasha's Links:

Blog: Agirlwithview.co.uk
Instagram: @Tash__evans
Twitter: @Tash__evans

blog header from  faerielifestyle.com

Next is Estée from faerielifestyle.com with me for November advertising. 
Estée runs such a beautiful blog, as someone who adores pink, I have loved reading through all of Estée's posts and binging on some content. There are plenty of categories so you are bound to find a something that you will enjoy. Here are a few posts you may like - 

A Little about Faerielifestyle:

"Here at Faërie Lifestyle we believe that women have the strength, confidence, and ability to define how to live their life. We believe that together, as a community, we can empower and uplift each other to reach our greatest potential. Our mission is to provide resources, tools, and content that inspires women to express themselves, foster creativity, learn, grow, and use their voices to manifest and live the most beautiful and wonderful life they can dream of."

Estée's Links:

Blog: faerielifestyle.com
Instagram: @faerielifestyle
Pinterest: Pinterest.com/faerielifestyle
Twitter: @faerielifestyle

Blog header for talesofbelle.com

Last but by no means least I have Karalee from talesofbelle.com with me this month and I am honoured to have Karalee here. I love her blog header, it's so lovely and it fits great with her blog. Karalee has lots of fun content to read through, here are a few posts that I have particularly enjoyed - 

A Little about Talesofbelle:

"Hello! My name Karalee Shotola and I am 27 years old. I currently live in Roskilde, Denmark, but I am originally from Texas. I graduated with a Bachelor’s in Psychology, and I am now studying Child Studies at the master’s level. I created this blog in May 2016 to share my reviews of cosmetics, skin care, and books. As well as reviews, you will also find various lifestyle posts from blogging advice to recipes!"

Karalee's Links:

Blog: Talesofbelle.com
Instagram: @karaleecupcake
Twitter: @KaraleeCupcake
Pinterest: Pinterest.com/talesofbelle

A huge thank you to my November advertisers, it's an honour and pleasure to have you all here! Please take some time to read through these bloggers content and give them a little follow.

If you would like to advertise with me in 2021, you can find all of the details here - Thelifeofaglasgowgirl.co.uk/advertise

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  1. Thanks for the recommendations, definitely going to check these out


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    Bianca xx | www.missmonro.com

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    Zoey | www.zoeyolivia.com

  4. Thank you so much for having me back again, Jordanne, it's always a privilege to advertise with you. I recognise a few of these bloggers (and love their content) but some are new to me so I'll look forward to checking them out shortly :) xx

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