November To Do List

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Can you believe that we are almost at Christmas? This year has been very strange, it's like being in an alternate universe where time stands still but somehow we are in a new month before we know it. I know, it makes no sense but this whole year has felt like that weird week between Christmas and New Year where no one knows what to do. 
Anyway, before I get onto my November to do list, it's time to take a look back at October which was filled with so much joy and laughter. 

October Overview

October was a fantastic month, it started off a little bleh because I wasn't feeling well and I did become sick again through the month but I tired not to let that get to me and make the most of spooky season. I'm not sure what's going on with my health right now, I have a constant "problem" at the moment, I don't want to go into too much detail about it yet because I'm really not sure what's happening and I can't get to see a Dr to get things checked out, but I'm hoping that it's nothing serious. 

Anyway, onto a more positive note, a major high of the month was that I launched my business Jordanneleecreative! I can't quite believe that I have my own business and although I can't go and do the video production side of things, I am enjoying making digital products and stepping up my blog as it's now under the Jordannleecreative umbrella. One of the best things about starting my business was that I managed to pay bills with money I made and I have received a lot of support for my business which has been amazing. I am truly grateful for everyones kinds words, the sharing of my content, the buying of my stuff, basically everything! It means the whole world to me, more than I will ever be able to put into words. 

As well as launching my business, I had a full month of doing lot's of Halloween baking, arts and crafts and games nights with Little Bear, we had a blast this Hallotober and even though we weren't able to go to the annual family Halloween party, we definitely made some incredible memories. I also managed to make my way through my to watch list, everything got watched, even when I didn't want to, I'm looking at you Ba Ba Dook, but it was a good feeling seeing everything with a tick next to it so it was worth it haha. 

October turned out to be one of the best months of the year, especially for productivity as I managed to get through quite a lot in 31 days and that was with being sick and this consistent "problem". Here's hoping that November can follow suit and be a good month. 

November To Do List

• Get all Christmas presents in - I am determined to get all the Christmas presents in this year before December, or at least order them all. I don't want to spend December with the mad dash mindset of having to worry about buying presents and stuff, so I am planning to get it all in so I can relax a little in December, plus we may be going into another Lockdown before the month is out, which I can see happening. So, the plan is to be organised. 

• Wrap Christmas presents - Because I plan to get the presents in early, I want to get them all wrapped and ready to go incase that Lockdown does happen so that I can drop the presents off. I don't want to skip out on the presents this year just because of a lockdown, it's been tough for everyone so I want to spread some cheer to my loved ones.

• Sell 10 copies of my Planner - I have made a goal of selling 10 planners this month, I have been feeling a little scatter brained when it comes to my business, it's like my head when into shut down mode as soon as I launched which I think was because of the high I was on trying to get it all sorted that I sort of crashed a little. But, I am back in work mode and I'm ready to smash it this month. You can see my planners here -

• Write Blogmas Content - This year I am planning in taking part in Blogmas for the first time! I have never really felt the urge to take part until about a week in and then I see everyones awesome content and I wish I took part so this year I'm going for it. I read my gal Katie's ultimate guide to blogmas and it's helped so much! So, if you are thinking of taking part but a little lost on where to start or how to approach it, I definitely recommend getting Katie's guide, she's a pro when it comes to Christmas. [AFF] -

• Take batch photos - Towards the end of October/start of November I realised just how behind I was with taking photos for the blog and I panicked, so I am planning to set aside some time to have a full day of taking photos to see me through for a few weeks. 

• Batch create content - As well as taking a huge batch of photos to be prepared, I am going to have a go at batch creating content for my socials, I am keen to see if it helps me be more productive instead of worrying the night before that I have no content for the next day. 

• Deliver kids presents - As I mentioned with my other two present related tasks, I want to get all the kids presents delivered before the start of December because of the looming possibility of another lockdown but also because I have made up Christmas boxes filled with little goodies that can be opened before the 25th to spread some magic all month long. 

• Release two new products - I have quite a few new products in the works for my store, but this month I will be focusing on two specifically as I am in love with what I have done with them, it may sound egotistical, but I am super proud of the things I have been creating and I'm excited to share them with the world. 

• Get the rest of Little Bears room furniture - Little bear got his room all Decorated and he loves it! I am very glad because he's been spending more time in there and actually enjoying his space. Although it's all been decorated, there are a few little bits I would like to get him like a new lamp, dvd storage and such. 

• Find a new desk - Now that I am spending a lot more time at my desk, I am beginning to realise that the one I have just doesn't offer enough space for what I need, it feels quite cramped and I'm getting bored of it wobbling like it's about to fall apart. So, it's time to find a new desk! I have been looking online but nothing I have liked has been the right size which is a little annoying, hopefully I'll come across one soon. 

And that's it for this months to do list. It's a bit of a longer one this month but I am determined to get it all done, especially after having such a great month in October and ticking off 7 items from my list of 8! (I couldn't find Halloween themed candles in TKMaxx which totally ruined my list being completed).

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  1. I really really enjoyed reading this post. I think I need to do a monthly to do list. I certainly need to get some of your planning products! Have a fab day sweet xx

    Isobel x

  2. I really really enjoyed this blog post. I think I need to start doing a monthly to do list. Your honestly so organised! Have a fab day sweet xx

    Isobel x

  3. Thanks for sharing your to do list for this coming month :)

    Nic | Nic's Adventures & Bakes

  4. Good luck with your Christmas prep, I can't believe it's just next month! This year has felt like both the longest and shortest year ever!! xoxo

  5. I love reading posts like this they are always so motivating. I too need to get on with my Christmas shopping, I leave it to the last minute every year. Thank you for sharing and I am very excited too see your new products!

    -Rachel (

  6. I loved reading this and seeing what you're up to behind the scenes of the blog and your business! I think taking batch photos has been on my to do list for like 3 years now and I never seem to get it done! Best of luck with your new products x

    Allanah -