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Thursday, 6 October 2016

Review │ Broadway ImPRESS Manicure

Sometimes I get sick of having to paint my nails, sometimes I just simply don't have the time but want some super cute designs that will get me through the day that people will notice and compliment; I think that is exactly what I have found with ImPRESS nails! They are no fuss, glue free press on nails that come in an array of designs said to last up to a week. so today I am here to tell you all about these.

If I'm honest I never really turn to glue free nails as I really like to feel like my nails are stuck on there but I was pleasantly surprised when I worse these nails for a full day without any of them coming off... As a mother this is very important to me as I have lost some nails along the way when it comes to bath time, playing and other activities. I was fairly impressed with the strength that came with these nails, they would be perfect for sticking on when you are about to run out the door but didn't have time to do your nails to complete your outfit (I say this because this is exactly what I done....) These nails are just beautiful, very simple yet effective as the colour has been great for autumn. 

For me it took literally about 5 minutes all in to get these nails on, once you fine the right sizes for your nails it's so quick and easy to apply the nails. One detail I liked about these nails is that they are numbered! This is great for someone like me who easily get's frustrated trying to look for two nails the same size by measuring one up against the rest... but with these imPRESS nails I no longer have to do that! I measure the nails against my own , check the number and look for the other one! DONE. It' really is super easy. Now, these nail's are also meant to be waterproof but after bath time I did notice them to loosen off a little but I just pressed down on each one again a few times and they were good to go. 

With these nails you get a little booklet that tells you how to apply the nails properly for the maximum wearing time. First wash your hands and dry them completely, them use the wipe that comes with the nails on your nails then remove the sticky tab on the nail and firmly press down on the nails. You are advised to do this a few times for the next house to ensure they stay on there. For me these nails were great, very durable throughout the day and I put them on whilst I was in a rush and the length of these nails are great too. I would say there are about short/medium length which makes it super easy for you to do everything like normal. As someone who is prone to wearing very VERY long claw like nails these ones by imPRESS are a welcomed change. I can still wear nails and feel amazing in them but also be able to text someone back within a few minutes instead of my normal 10 because of the nails I wear haha.

For me the packaging is super cute. The nail's come in a clear bottle shaped like nail polish which houses 30 different nails. I think it's great because you could use these little cases again for something if you wanted to up cycle them. (I use one to keep my jewellery in when we go swimming) They really are handy, look super cute and can be used for an array of things. 

Overall I was fairly impressed with these imPRESS nails ;) They were great to wear, looked lovely and I got a compliment on them from the woman at the library. I would definetly purchase these nail's again as they are great to have around for any time I want a flawless look in no time.  

* Press Sample. Thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. Those are really cute! I don't pain my nails. But T at age 6 loves painting her nails! I have to keep reminding her that she's too young. Sigh.

  2. I have always been put off false nails by the length. I was worried that i wouldn't be able to do anything! These look a lot more sensible for busy mums - really useful review.

  3. I've just recently started painting my nails and I like it a lot! Also, amazing pictures, I love this post x

    Kayla | http://uncrea.wordpress.com

  4. These look absolutely amazing and sound so easy to apply! And the colour you are wearing is gorgeous :) Thank you for sharing, I will have to look for these!

  5. Great post! I'm always look for options like these because my nails are just too brittle to grow long :( Will definitley be looking into buying these beauties!

  6. These are super cute, I've always had naturally long nails from a young age, so I've never had to get false nails and I've always been worried that I may ruin my natural ones but I feel the pain about wanting to paint them and have cute designs, these sound simple enough! Thanks for sharing!


  7. This is so useful! I have been loving false nails these past few months, especially the primark ones, but what's so hard is getting them off when I use glue to stick them. These nails definitely look gorgeous and easy! Got to check them out <3


  8. These look so nice! Love the colour! I've never tried false nails but think I should!

  9. I love the look of these, especially the deep red shade! They look so quick and easy too!

    L xo

  10. What a fab item, I've recently really started getting into doing my nails but it really does take a lot of time! I'll have to look up imPRESS next time I want a quick and easy alternative to painting my nails!

  11. I have never tried anything like these before, they look great. I love the colour, perfect for autumn x

  12. Wow your nails look very beautiful. Love the colour.

  13. These look fab! I never have time to point my nails either, except for my toe nails in the summer. One day I will have more time I'm sure:-) x

  14. They look great. I don't have the patience for anything time consuming or hard to do when it comes to nails, but it sounds like I may be able to handle these. (Lucy/R is for Hoppit)

  15. Oh I really like the look of these and they are a perfect length for me too.
    I love how quickly they can be applied, that is a must for me in this hectic house! :)

    Thanks for being part of #MMBC. Hope you can make it next week x

  16. They look fantastic! In love with the colour, so perfect for autumn.


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