My Eternal Sister

Selfie Photo of Ofaglasgowgirl and best friend

This post is dedicated to my best friend and sister for life, Lisa. 

Do you have that one person in your life that you can talk to about anything, and I mean Anything! Someone who has wiped away your tears on more than one occasion, who you have shared all your firsts with? Someone who would come running if you called them at 4am sobbing down the phone, someone who has put you to bed when you have been in no fit state to even be around? Someone who has called you out on your stubbornness, who you have fell out with and felt like a piece of you was missing? 

Photo of Lisa, best friend in a Rapunzel costume
Before my princess themed 21st 

Well I have that person and her name is Lisa. Since 2004 she has been my soul mate and I am 100% sure it was fate that brought us together because without her in my life I would have a big hole in my Icy cold heart that would need filling. 

Our story started back in 2004 when we were in high school. This shy, timid girl walked into the common room at lunch time with a girl I already knew (and disliked a lot) who was her "buddy" since she was new to the school. She came and sat with the group who had taken up two tables, was gossiping away about the boys, what they did at the weekend, and which band was better, McFly or Busted? It's still a debate that goes on amongst some of the girls! Anyway, Lisa came over to the table, sat down next to me and from then on we have been like sisters. I dread to think what life would have been like without her by my side in all my stupid mistakes and summer adventures, we have done so much together that I could probably full two books, then some with our tales. 

Selfie Photo of Ofaglasgowgirl and best friend
Girls pj night 

The first time we ever got drunk was together, The first time we ever went to an unders club was together, you can see the pattern here right? We even went to collage together! We were in the same classes for two years and sat together all the time (until our brief falling out) but we basically done everything together, we were inseparable and everyone knew it. Our fiends knew us as "Jojo and Lisa" never one without the other and that's just the way we liked it. The people we would hang around with in Glasgow would always assume we were together so if someone was looking for Lisa they would know she was with me and vise versa. 

Photo of Ofaglasgowgirl and best friend
From when we were 16/17

We have had so many crazy nights, hungover mornings, weird food cravings and summer days. I wouldn't have changed any of it for the world because I wouldn't be who I am today without the love and support of her. She took care of me through my first heart break, she put me to bed after every drunken night and stayed with me near enough ever weekend. She's the butter to my bread, the ying to my yang. 

Selfie Photo of Ofaglasgowgirl and best friend
On my 21st 

The stories we could tell you would leave you in fits of laughter or moments of shock. A very fond memory of mine is; 
When me and Lisa were 14 until we were 17, we would go to Glasgow to hang out with a big group of people. We would hang around borders, central station, George square or uni gardens. One summers day when we were around 15/16 we went to George square and met up with everyone. It had already been decided that day that we would be getting drunk so we pulled out money together and got about 4 bottles of cider then someone got vodka, someone got Jaegermeister, so on and so forth. We all went to the grassy square, set up camp for the day and proceeded to drink. We were jumping around like mad, dancing, playing, writing on each other. Someone then decided that we would all write "Cunt" on our arms... Not the best thing but we were young, We were drunk and it seemed like a great idea at the time. So we got marker and wrote it on our arms, then forgot about it. The sun was really strong that day and when we went to wash the pen all of our arms were burnt but the bit that had pen on it wasn't, it was still white, so for a few days after we were still walking around with the word "Cunt" on our arms. Safe to say our parents weren't best pleased but it was so funny. That day is always in my mind because we had so much fun and didn't stop laughing at any point! 

But there was a year out of our lives that I tend to push to the very back of my mind in the cold dark dwellings that I hate to relive. We fell out due to others getting involved in a whole argument that should NEVER have happened. Stupidly we let our stubbornness and tempers get the better of us. After a year of not speaking to her and going through a pretty tough time I decided I could no longer go without her in my life so I sent her a message and anxiously awaited her reply, I was so sure I wouldn't get a message back but to my surprise I did. It took us a while to get back to being "us" but we got there and I couldn't be more pleased. Now our friendship is stronger and I don't think there is anything we couldn't get through now. 

When we were younger I'm pretty sure we thought we were the coolest people
On earth with our stupid poses and funny pictures! 

Selfie Photo of Ofaglasgowgirl and best friend
From when we were 15/16

To say I am blessed is a complete understatement. She has seen me at my worst, when my mum died I was a wreck. I did things that I'm not proud of but she never judged me. She just held my hand, wiped my tears and supported me. You don't come across friends like this very often and I am lucky I have found someone who not only understands me but is as equally invested in our friendship. 

So there you have it. A little (long) post on my best friend. She's amazing and  thankful for her on a daily basis. 
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