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Hello lovelies! Today I'm here to talk to you all about Anatomicals.

I have seen anatomicals products all over the web recently and have actually revived one of their face masks in a Pink Parcel box one month so when I seen that they were looking  to work with bloggers naturally I jumped at the chance! Their products make my soul happy, with the colourful packaging to the sassy slogans, everything about this brand intrigues me. So today I'm here to share with you all my thoughts on the products I've been lucky to try out! 

At home, at work, on the bus, in a meeting, on holiday, in a club, at lunch, even when you're just idly walking along the street. Wherever you are and whatever you're doing, we'll cool you. 24 hours a day if necessary. But we won't be forever texting or emailing you. That would be plain annoying and not in the least bit cool. 

Can I just start by saying OH EHM GEE? Because literally, I love this facial spritzer. The smell is stunning (lavender) and it really does what it sets out to do, cools your face! I have used it a few times now around the house when my face was needing refreshed and I've loved it. Now the first 2 times the sprayer was sending out the liquid in chunks and I thought NOOO! because in my mind it was broken but after that it started working fine and I've loved it. I'll be taking this little beauty away on holiday with me next week to keep me feeling refreshed whilst I'm exploring Lanzarote with my mini me. This has been a god send if I'm honest because Lord knows when the weather is hot all you want is to feel cool and refreshed. I would definitely recommend this for anyone who's looking for a facial spritzer because not only does it smell amazing cool my face, it also makes it feel really good. A big thumbs up from me on this one. 

Eye gel wake up late. Scream. Look in the mirror. Scream. Look again. Scream. Wonder where your youthful good looks went. Apply this soothing gel under the eye area. Realise those looks were just hiding all along. We only want you for your body. 

So I've been using this eye gel for just over two weeks now, it glides onto the skin smoothly, dries fairly quickly and my eyes do feel fresher after use. I have serious mum bags under my eyes and pair that with my recent sleep deprivation lately due to my health, well, that equals some seriously tough black bags under my eyes in the morning and I need something that's going to tackle them and really help. Although I do feel that this eye gel works it's not banished my bags and I'm ok with that because you know, if need a miracle for that! But this gel helps to sooth the area, bring down the puffiness and I do feel fresh under my eyes after about 20 minutes from when I apply the gel. Maybe if the bags under my eyes weren't so bad then this gel could probably banish them for the day, but it does the job and I don't feel like a zombie when I'm doing the nursery run! 

Don't tell us, it's... wait, it's on the tip of our tongue. You're Kate? No, you're Amy. Beth? Sarah? April? (We knew you were also a month) Not April? Then you're June. See we never forget a face and this moisturiser never forgets how important a radiant complexion is to you. Stephanie. 

I always love a good moisturiser, I Need my face to feel smooth because I have such paranoia about my skin getting all dry and flaky again... so I always use moisturiser, morning and night and this one has been doing wonders for my skin. I love how it feels when I apply it, it absorbs into the skin really well and it doesn't feel greasy at all. This moisturiser has fitted into my skincare routine really well, when it runs out (which is going to be really soon) I hope I will have placed an order with anatomicals by then so that I can keep using this heavenly stuff. I honestly can't say enough good things about this cream because it's done wonders for my skin as a great follow up from the Skinchemist bee venom facial serum I was using. If you're looking for a light weight moisturiser that's going to leave your skin feeling smooth then this is the one for you. The bottle is 50ml and I have been using this religiously for 2 weeks now and it still has a little bit to go so you're getting your moneys worth with it.  

You know the blood curdling screams you hear in horror films when vampires sink their teeth into the white fleshed necks of virginal nieces of 18th century noblemen? Well, they're the same blood curdling screams that can be heard when young ladies (as this is the 21st century, let's skip the virginal bit) who have bitten off more than they can chew party wise, stare in the mirror at their pale, drawn completions and baggy, tired eyes. If you're one such young lady and have always wished there was a product to make you look less (un)dead, then these collagen under eye patches are the Count's (as in Dracula) cojones. 

As well as using anatomicals no old bags allowed I have had the pleasure of using their puffy the eye bag slayer wake-up under eye patches which have really helped me on my worst days for terrible puffy, purple under eye bags. I used these patches and then used the no bags allowed gel which really actually helped if I'm honest, I wish I had a tone of these because wow, I was very impressed with these.  I cleansed my face and immediately put the patches on, left them for 30 minutes and then applied the eye gel. Now 30 minutes does sound rather long for the morning because god knows I'm in a rush and really don't have time for that, but! They stay on pretty well and I found that if I get up, cleanse my face straight away then apply these, I have time. I can get Leon his breakfast, washed, dressed and more! I can get it all done without the patches falling off so it is a bonus. These patches are good and if you're looking for something to refresh you under eye area then give these a go! 

Hawaii Five-Glow Tropical hydrating face mask

If gorgeousness was an arrestable offence (you mean it isn't?) Then this face mask would leave your skin guilty as charged. It contains coconut oil and four other essential ingredients to guarantee a glowing complexion. 'Book 'em Danno. Yeah, provided it's for a week long photo shoot in Honolulu.

This face mask smells AMAZING! And the name of it is rather catchy too ;) It says to leave on for 15 minutes but I always tend to leave face masks on for about 20/25 minutes so I like it when a mask doesn't get overly stiff on my face and this mask certainly didn't do that. Once I washed it off and dried my face my skin felt silky smooth, I am seriously impressed by how nice my skin felt after using this mask and I can definitely say that I'll be buying a few on because I have also used their grease isn't the word mask and that one was amazing too, so I know their face masks are great quality, just what I need for a pamper night! So if you're looking for a mask that's going to make your skin glow and feel like silk, hit up anatomicals. 

Get outta my face, Dirtball, apricot face scrub.

If you never want to see them again, have them bother you anymore or even hear from them via email, text or picture messaging, then this face scrub will help rid your complexion and life of grease, grime and any hulking great Dirtball called Daniel. Ok, maybe not Daniel

Now with this only being in a packet much like a face mask I was a little sceptical on how much of an opinion I could get on this face scrub as I like to use things a few times so I can get the proper feel for the product but much to my surprise, after one use I seen a difference! Some of my pores appeared unclogged and I didn't feel like my skin looked dim and dirty with it, totally glowing and looking great after just this one use. The face scrub is apricot and smells absolutely delicious, I could just eat it if that was possible! It smells heavenly, I really can't wait to make an order from anatomicals to add a few of these into my basket, I genuinely think my skin would thank me for it! 

"Please can you spare some moisturiser sir?" Listen to those hands begging for softness. Is this what you want for them? Out in all weathers, always in washing up bowls? Of course not. Nothing days neglect quite like rough digits, so use this soothing cream with added vitamin E, after all, hands should be kissed by the beautiful, not shook by the ugly. 

Just the other week I was telling my gran that I had to buy a new hand cream because I had just ran out of one of my all time favourites then anatomicals went and sent me one to try, What a great coincidence to be honest! I love hand cream because for some reason my hands always end up feeling super dry in spring/summer and I'm not sure why, so I like to keep my hands feeling super soft because that's very important to me. This help the paw hand cream is amazing, not only does it leave my 'paws' feeling silky smooth it also smells quite nice and dries fairly quickly meaning that I don't have to restrict myself from touching anything for about 5 minutes which it dries like some other hand creams tend to do. This hand moisturiser also has vitamin e in it which I LOVE, I always tend to look for products with some in it. So yes, this hand cream is a winner and I suggest you give it a try, it's worth it. 

All in all I have loved using these anatomicals products because it's been great to try something new. The quality of these items are great, they do what they say on the packaging and I love the little stories that are on them which I have also included in this post. Everything about these items  from anatomicas is intriguing and I highly recommend you give them a try just to see what I'm talking about,

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  1. I am obsessed with anatomicals at the moment! Their packaging is amazing! I've been loving the eye gel and face masks over the last few weeks, they actually really work! So impressed. Love all your photos :)

    Tiffany x

  2. Surprisingly I don't think I've heard of this company before but I'm definitely considering buying that face spray for when I go to Turkey in the summer! All these products sound great though, if only my student loan could be spent purely on beauty products!

  3. Actually, I think I've heard of this brand before but I don't remember where or how. I'll give it a try if I see it again! I need a good skin care regime.

  4. I love the sound of that facial spritz and the eye-gel patches! Anatomicals is such a great company!
    Claire xo

  5. I love anatomicals! My first ever purchase was a sleep mask haha! I love their hair mask and spot stick. Need to try these bits too! X