It's not October, it's Hallotober

halloween decorations

Ever since I can remember October's been my favourite month out the year, from beautiful leaves falling from the trees to the crisp, cold air that wakes me up in the morning. It's a month that makes me smile from ear to ear.

I always refer to October as Hallotober because it's Halloween month! Halloween isn't just a day for me, it's a full blown month of treats, scary movies, Yankee candy corn candles and decoration. This is like a pre-christmas for me minus the presents. I just love everything about this month.

Yankee Candle wax melt


I decorate the house from about the 2nd week in October, I start off small putting little pumpkin tea light holders out along with ghost ones. I'll get some other Halloween themed ornaments and dot them around the place working up until about 7 days from the 31st... that's when the big guns come out and the whole house looks like a scene from a haunted house ride. They really make my soul happy and now that Leons getting older he's enjoying it too, this year he's in the spirit and already wanting to be dressed up every day.

netflix horros

Horror movies

I'm a horror buff at the best of times but for some reason October means I don't want any other kind of movie, it's horror only from here on in thanks. I love breaking out the old classics like evil dead, halloween, a nightmare on elm street and more. It's a horror fest in my house.

Silent Hill

Horror Games.

Much like the horror movies I like to stick to the theme and play mostly horror games like silent hill and the evil within. Game nights are big in my house, starting from when Leon goes to sleep till the early hours or the morning. The munchies are brought out, we stick on top15 on YouTube with the paranormal ones being most popular with us then cosy up to have a fun filled night of horror games. We may have played them to death by now but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Halloween Treats

The Food

When I say food I really mean sweets. For me October is worse than December because I can't quite help tucking into the sweets as they are EVERYWHERE. The shops are just over run by big multi-packs for trick'or'treaters and I just can't help myself. I always see gummy spiders make a return from my childhood and that sends me crazy, it's like a drug I can't get enough off.

Halloween Fashion


I have an inner goth girl who wants to break free all year round but I try tone it down a bit because I really don't have the time to get my face looking fierce enough to match my clothes so when October rolls around I make more of an effort to "spook" things up a bit and my Wednesday Adam's shines through. Speaking of the Adam's family, this year I think I would love to go as either Wednesday or Morticia Adam's because my hairs super long now which means no wigs! Huzza!

October is just the perfect month to me. I love the whole Halloween aspect and one day just isn't enough for me I'm afraid, good thing Leon is taking after me otherwise I think I would have a very confused and grumpy child with the amount of Halloween stuff we have around the house.


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  1. This is probably the best halloctober post I read so far. I love your main shot. Best blog.

  2. I love October too. Just like you..this month is about decoration, sweets, and horror movies!!!

  3. I LOVE this post and OMGoodness my inner goth is loving those clothes, I wish my hair was still black because I loved feeling pretty powerful with black hair. I love Halloween and I'm hoping Mia and Robyn will get into the feel of this holiday a little more that they're older. and where did you get those little glitter pumpkins I need them in my life!

  4. I must admit I don't get into Halloween as I hate anything scary haha! I love all of the clothes and of course the sweets haha!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  5. Loved reading your post, I felt how much fun you have in this month. :-)

  6. Loved this post! Halloween’s never really been a big thing for me but this post really put me in the spirit (excuse the pun ��)! I loved noticing all the little decorations around the place last night too, it’s brilliant how easily incorporated they are! xx

  7. Jordanne your photos are AMAZING! I've had a go at some Halloween styled flatlays for upcoming posts but yours are absolutely killing it! Those white chocolate ghosts are my favourite Halloween treat, and I've definitely been in the mood to spook myself with a scary movie lately as well, as I've been reading quite a few horror books! Thank you for sharing your favourite things!

    Abbey 🎃

  8. Sorry but halloween needs to be a season! I love Halloween it’s the start of what I call *the most exciting time of year* for me and I love that you love it as much as I do xx

  9. October is definitely a very special and unique month!! I'll stay away from horror movies because they scare me haha.
    Happy October!!

  10. I love October! I love it because it really feels like Christmas is on the way though I do enjoy Halloween too. I love those little milkybar ghosts, I always try to stock up on them. I also love horror movies, they are the best and October is the perfect month for it x

    Tiffany x

  11. I always adore Halloween but I've never got into the spirit like this! I would love to decorate and it be just as big as Christmas. Maybe when I have my own place I'll go a little crazy. I adore your little decorations! They are soo adorable.

    Gemma |

  12. Love this post. Made me excited too. I love October because I get to bring my boots out of hibernation. Plus I’m anticipating discounted chocolate the day after Halloween. 😆

  13. I love this post. Hallotober (great name, by the way) is my favourite month! It's the one month the people I live with let me have free rain with horror movies and I've recently got the Friday 13th video game - playing as Jason is a lot of fun.

  14. I love your blog. Very informative and I really love playing video games, I'm glad that we share the similar taste.