20 Things I Want To Do This Year

Last year was the year of travel and breaking out of my shell. This year it's all about doing the things I love, things that make my soul happy so I've devised a list of 20 things I want to do this year. It's a random list if I'm honest, some things that I want to tick off and some other things that I just want to do more off. I would just love to look back at the end of the year and be able to say I done them all, ticked them all off and I enjoyed each and every one of them.

So here goes,

1: Go to Edinburgh Fringe

2: Visit the lighthouse in Glasgow

3: Go on a spa day

4: Take a trip to the beach

5: Read 10 Books

6: Take a day trip

7: Change my hair

8: Take more Polaroids

9: Get a new piercing

10: Go to the cinema once a month

11: Make a fort & camp out in it

12: Plan more date days

13: Save

14: Get a new tattoo

15: Go to 5 Gigs

16: See friends more

17: Take my gran on more days out

18: Take Little bear to the zoo

19: Stay in a hotel over night with Little Bear

20: Be happy

I am so excited for 2018, seeing what it holds for me. Hopefully I can do all these Things, they are achievable right? Right? I'm sure they are. 2018 will be the year of amazing memories and weeks where I feel alive again.

Do you have anything you want to do this year? Do you have a list?

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  1. Lovely list, Jordanne, I think they're all completely achievable, and I'm looking forward to hearing about each one as you do it - have fun! x

    Lisa | www.lisasnotebook.com

  2. I love all of these! I should write a little list of things I want to do this year too!

    Tarnya xxx

  3. The lighthouse is beautiful the top floor is amazing i did a photoshoot there once before

    Andrew James - beautyandtheboy.com

  4. Those are such lovely things to do and will create amazing memories for you. I think I’ll write my own list too. X

  5. I really want to go to the fringe too, hopefully to perform one day as well, I hear it's quite an experience!


  6. This is a nice list. I really need to do the same. It will help me to stop taking life so seriously.

  7. Great post! I love bucket list style posts like this so much haha