10 Reasons I Love Autumn

Autumn is well and truly here, the Autumn equinox was on Sunday (the 23rd) but I personally think of September as Autumn the whole way through because it's by far my favourite season and my birthday is in September so....

I have been waiting for the official day of autumn so that I can get into the full swing of things such as changing bits and pieces in the house, taking away bright, summer related colours and opting for mustard, burnt orange and other cosy colours to add throughout the house. 

Halloween is my favourite holiday of them all, I love everything that goes with it so this year I have not so subtly, been laying out pumpkin decorations and candles, so far my gran hasn't said anything so I'm in the clear I think haha I can't wait till the house is fully done up, with spider webs and all! 

Anyway, I could talk about all of these things forever but todays post is all about why I LOVE autumn so much.

1: Getting Cosy

I love curling up with a cuppa in front of the tv, watching heartwarming films and staying warm surrounded by pillows and blankets all in the traditional autumn colours. In spring and summer our house gets SUPER hot, even without the heating on so I can't do the proper cosy thing, that's why I love autumn, the colder weather comes in, night gets proper dark again and I get to bring all of my blankets out of hiding. 

2: Hot Chocolate 

I can have hot chocolate all day long without being judged. I am a hot chocolate fanatic, I could easily drink it as my drink of choice all year round but when you drink it all the time in summer, most people think you're weird haha not that I mind, I love being myself and doing what I want, but all the coffee shops bring out new and exciting hot chocolate recipes for autumn! I drool!

3: Candles 

Lots of beaut candles start being released and I love candles, like, I am overly obsessed with them but normally in the summer I won't put much out. As I said before about the hiuse being really warm, my room tends to heat quite fast in the summer and I don't like too much heat so now that the colder weather is coming into play, I can finally display all my candles and buy a ton more just because. Yankee candle bring out an amazing halloween range in autumn, TKMAXX stock so many amazing autumn inspired candles and other shops start bringing out more cinnamon and pumpkin scented candles. 

4: Jumpers

Jumper are my go to choice of clothing in the colder weather, I just adore wearing them and my wardrobe from September onwards is 80% jumpers. All the shops have amazing ranges coming out right now and I am lusting after them all *Heart eyes!* If I could, I would wear jumpers all year round but sadly, I can't. 

5: Halloween

As I've already said, halloween is my favourite holiday for so many reasons and halloween is in autumn so naturally, I love autumn just for that. I can get the house looking all spooky, I really go for it and since having little bear, I can go all out to make our house a proper haunted place. 

6: Nature

I'm a nature person through and through, I would much rather live in the country than the city as I like to take walks, experience different things and even at 26, I LOVE getting all muddy. The leaves start changing to such beautiful colours, you can really see nature in action as they go from green to deep red.theres also stunning sunsets which you don't get to really appreciate in summer, well  to me anyway. 

7: The crisp air

Waking up on a cold autumn morning and stepping outside to really embrace the air is the best thing ever. You can really smell nature and I love that. There's this thing about the cold air scent that takes me to a happy place, maybe it's because I have so many fond memories with my mum around autumn that makes me love it the most. 

8: Socks & Boots

This might sound like a strange one but bare with me. Putting on big cosy bed socks makes me feel all kinds of happy. It's like a little snugg jumper just for my feat and I've already spoken about how much I love jumpers so...
With the socks comes the boots, I can finally dust them off and start wearing them again and when I wear my beaut brown boots or stylish black ones, I have to wear my fluffy socks. It's a win win. 

9: Pumpkins 

I couldn't not include pumpkins, and although this traditionally goes hand in hand with Halloween, for me it just makes me think of autumn in general. I have so many pumpkin ornaments that come out on the first day of autumn and I really enjoy decorating them to put around the house and using the insides to make soup.... YUM! 

10: Scarfs

Now that the weather is getting cold, I can break out my scarfs. I have a HUGE scarf collection which I'll have to show one time, but it's pretty big. I've got them in all sorts of colours and styles to suit any outfit I'm wearing which in pleased with. I've spent a lot of time building my collection up and when the cold weather rolls around  I get to wear them all. 

And that's why I love autumn. It's an amazing season, filled with amazing scents and scenes. I now pass the question to you, what do you like or not like about autumn? 
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  1. This is such a cosy post, I just want to snuggle up in bed with a hot chocolate and a good book now ahah. I've been loving autumnal fashion this year, because I'm obsessed with colours like mustard and burnt orange in my wardrobe. Lovely post!

    Megan // https://pixieskiesblog.wordpress.com/

    1. Snuggling up is one of the best things about autumn, it's such a great time of year.

  2. Autumn is my favourite season ���� I agree with everything you wrote. Cold jumpers, the magical colors of nature, tea, blankets, EVERYTHING!!!


    1. It's the best isn't it?! Thank you for your comment x

  3. I love this post! Even reading it makes me feel all cosy and warm

  4. Yes, yes, yes to all these things. Especially cosying up with a hot chocolate and Halloween everything. ๐ŸŽƒ๐ŸŽƒ๐ŸŽƒ

    1. That's one of the best parts isn't it?! ๐Ÿ˜

  5. This is my favorite season. It will be hot cocoa in flannel night gowns, in front of the fire with my favorite book all season long.

    1. Yes to all of that! It's the best time of year for it

  6. Aw, hun, I wrote an anti-Autumn post because I don't like slippery leaf piles, misty drizzle and SPIDERS, haha! But I'm with you on hot chocolates and scarves so not a complete Grinch! xx

    Lisa | www.lisasnotebook.com

  7. I love autumn for basically all the same reasons, the best season. Hot drinks are defo back!! Tea, hot chocolate, blankets, cosy evenings.... the BEST x

  8. I love Autumn, for basically all of the reasons you've said! I love the cuddles with hot chocolate, Halloween and BED SOCKS! As much as I love summer, I think Autumn is my favourite time of year.

    Em x


  9. Totally agree, I love everything about the colder months but the colours of Autumn are my absolute favourite. Summer gets too much love - I say it's overrated!


  10. Autumn is the best! Thanks for sharing! :)


  11. I am a fan of Autumn too - for exactly all the reasons you've mentioned above. I've love being at home and cosy in the evenings with the fire on and some candles burning :)

  12. Autumn is definitely my favourite season – I recently unpacked my cold weather clothes and rediscovered old favourites!

  13. Love love love this post! Autumn is my fave season and I agree with every one of these points! I love TK Maxx too, I've found so many good things. Last year I was in the states and of course there were so many amazing things in every store and I spent so much money on Autumn decorations๐Ÿ˜‚ amazing post!