Horror Month

Last year I wrote a post about why I don't classify October as October, but rather Hallotober. It's one of my favourite months along with September because, hello, autumn and my birthday! Haha but today I'm talking all about Horror month and what it means to me.

The other day Stephen turned to me and said: "you know something? Before you October was just another month and it never meant anything to me, but now it's the one month I look most forward to because seeing you excited and happy makes my heart feel good. I love horror month and all you do to celebrate it all month long" - now, this is the shortened version because he went on a long winded rant about horror month haha but you get the jist.

I'll go between calling October Hallotober and Horror Month because both are acceptable. What I mean by horror month is that it's filled with all things horror and it really makes my soul happy. We start watching lots of horror movies, in fact, horror is the only genre we watch, whether that be horror thriller, horror gore, horror comedy, but it has to be something to do with horror. We also start playing horror games, this year we are tackling Evil within 2 again, Alan wake and hopefully silent hill. It's the one month a year where I feel my favourite films and games become acceptable, even though they are all year long, it just feels right to play them or watch them at this time of year.

This year we plan on going to see the new horror movie that's coming out, Halloween and I cannot tell you how excited I am! I feel like I've not been to see a horror movie in the cinema for so long now, the last one we seen was "IT" which I loved by the way. I hope we try to go for a midnight showing as that will make the whole experience for me, I'll feel like it's truly Halloween, especially if there's fog! (Please be fog!!)

I've also been watching some of the classic Halloween movies recently to get prepped for the new one! Jamie Lee Curtis will always be my favourite scream queen. Some other things we have been watching recently are Ouija, Quite place, Truth or Dare and more. I have a full post on what I'm watching all month long so keep and eye out!

I honest can't wait until Leon is old enough to partake in horror month with us, I know it won't be for a long time yet, but the idea of the whole family cuddled up on the couch, on a dark, rainy October night whilst watching classics like Halloween or Nightmare on elm street, makes me so happy.

A family who scares together, stays together.
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  1. How cute that Stephen has grown to love this time of year simply because of how happy it makes you! I hope I can say the same of my future man one day, and it'll be due to my extreme excitement for Christmas haha x


  2. I love horror movies and my family are a lot more willing to watch them this time of year. :-) Which is great! They'll let me control the tv on October 31st too - this year we're going through a few Friday 13th movies. I saw the new Halloween last week and was very impressed, I liked how the storyline tied in with the original.

    What did you think of Truth or Dare?

  3. Awww this is great that you and your guy have this kind of thing you bond over all month long. <3