Blogger Burnout and 8 ways to Avoid it

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Sometimes blogging can be draining, we pour our all in to creating content we can be proud of but then out of nowhere we try to keep up with our posting schedule. We start worrying about the next post date creeping up, looking in our drafts only to realise we are out, all our content has been posted, we think about having to schedule social media and all those other little details that need done behind the scenes and sure enough, blogger burnout hits.   

I have a feeling I'm not the only one who's been there a few times, feeling the pressure to get content out when we really aren't in the right head space but for some odd reason, we can't pull ourselves out of that and when we eventually do, who's to say it will stay that way. 

For a long time I had a good rhythm going with my content, I had written and scheduled posts for two whole months and all that was left was to keep up with blog maintenance, schedule social media posts and the likes but the end of that content was fast approaching and two months felt like two weeks in no time. I looked in my drafts only to see a mass of posts that were half finished, barley started of seasonal content that it's meant to be up yet, and I panicked, I full on had a meltdown. 

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That was the first time I fell victim to the "posting pressure", instead of taking the time to get my head in the right space, I tried to write any old post on pretty boring topics just so I could say I got a post out. I don't know why I felt pressure because no one was hounding me for content, in fact, I doubt anyone would have noticed or cared to be honest, but internally I felt like I had to post. 

I battled with this pressure for a while, in fact, about 80% of my time blogging has been spent putting myself under pressure for no real good reason, that was until I started to shift my thinking because putting myself under pressure was like fighting a losing battle. The pressure took the fun out of blogging and if you aren't completely happy with the content you put out, your blogging journey will be miserable. 

After the posting pressure became part of my everyday routine, I began to encounter blogger burnout a lot as I wasn't giving myself time to just chill, I felt like I had to always be on top of everything all the time and that just isn't feasible, when you aren't taking care of you then how can you give your best?

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As I suspect I'm not the only one who has felt this way, and people are probably feeling it right now and we don't even know it, so, I thought I would share some ways in which I pulled myself out of that funk and re-focused my energy into creating content I was proud of. 

Take that break 

Taking a break is not a bad thing. Sometimes we need to take a little break to keep ourselves sane. Think of it this way, we have days off from work, we take holidays so why should we not do that with blogging as well? Taking a break can help you focus your energy again; it can help you rid yourself of any self-doubt and minimise the pressure you feel. If you give yourself scheduled breaks or allow yourself to step away from time to time it is going to do you wonders. 

Create a blogging diary

Grab yourself a diary or journal and turn it into your blogging buddy. Keep track of your goals, write down your achievements and if there is anything you feel you could improve on, put that in as well, use this as a tool to help keep your mind focused. I find that when I write down my blogging goals, I'm more focused because I have a clear picture of what I am working towards. These could change with the season, or every month, as often as you like and make sure that you make a section for all those wins you get, no matter how small. Did a brand reach out to you? stick it in, did you hit a milestone? put it in ink baby, write a post you're proud of? that goes in as well! Sometimes when you see your wins it can help you see the progress. 

Read your old posts

I find that going back and reading some of my old posts can help me capture those reasons of why I do what I do. It's easy to lose focus at times and when I read posts I'm proud of, it can help snap me back into my rhythm (that's literally what happened with this post) and it can even help you generate new content. Maybe you create a follow up post? Check back in with your readers and let them know how you are getting on with a project you've talked about? You get the idea, right?

Spruce up old content 

Sometimes when I'm feeling like I'm in a bit of a slump and have no clue about new content I'll go back and spruce up old blog posts or create new blog posts out of old ideas, just like my Ultimate list of blog post ideas, I created the original back in January of 2017 and after being in a bit of a funk with my content, I decided I would put together a new, updated version of blog post ideas which in turn promotes both posts at the same time, plus it was a great way to recycle content and needed minimal effort.

Create a post of your goals

I don't know about you, but I do better with my goals when they are in black and white and although I like to keep them in my blogging diary, I also like to put out blog posts on them just to give me that extra bit of accountability. Oh, and it also helps with generating new content down the line as you can also do check in posts. 

Remember to take care of yourself

We all know how important it is to take care of ourselves, to have a good self-care routine in place as this can often help us to beat burn out if we are regularly taking care of ourselves. Self-care doesn't always have to be complicated either, it can be simple and easy to fit into your day. So get yourself a care routine and make sure that you don't exhaust yourself, after all, you can't pour from an empty cup. 

Stop comparing yourself

It's easy to compare ourselves to other bloggers, looking on as they always seem to have the perfect topic, beautiful pictures and great engagement which can leave you feeling less than. But you need to stop that right now, everyone's journey is different and there is room for us all, when you compare yourself to others, you are robbing yourself of the joy of your own blog. Comparison is draining and will lead to burn out. 

Avoid trends

When you are worried about jumping on the latest topic trend it can get exhausting fast as the topics could be on something you are dis-interested in which can lead to resentment with your content causing you to hit major burn out and lack of motivation. Blog because you want to and choose a topic that is relevant to your life, there is no use in blogging about the latest fashion trends when you aren't that much into fashion and your passion really lies with games, blog about what you like, it's your blog.

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  1. I used to get this the when I started blogging years ago, I was constantly worried people would unfollow me if I didn't review the latest thing out. Having hardly any money to get anything, there wasn't anything to post about I took some years out and don't feel the need now to review things, I post for myself and if others like and enjoy what I say that's even better.

  2. I always find myself becoming exhausted with trying to keep up with the latest trends and fads. Not to mention, I am always comparing my blog to others and it can be mentally taxing. I've found myself taking time off more often than not and I keep having to remember why I loved blogging so much in the first place.

  3. Really good tips. I especially like the last one which is avoiding trend. I never really follow trend because most of the time I am not interested in trends so I don't want to have the pressure and also I just cant offer all the new stuff I have a mortgage to pay etc. and that is more important to me than the latest NARS lipstick range or Clinique new products etc. Also I blog whenever too. I used to have schedule back few years ago but it used to stress me out, so I just stopped. Now I do a post once a week or sometimes 2 but if one week goes and i have not done a post I no longer worry about it .

  4. I love this! I struggled a lot over the last year or so, I'm currently on a massive overseas trip/moving abroad which has finally given me something I actually want to write about. These tips are all wonderful, I feel like this is a post I may come back to in the future so thanks!

  5. I do get this blogger burn-out too and sometimes think if blogging is worth of my time. Thanks for the reminder and inspiration.

  6. These are some excellent tips Jordanne!! I've found that keeping track of ideas in my journal as they come to me, and making sure I'm in the right head space to write, have helped me so much. Putting aside pressure to jump on the bandwagon of trends is so beneficial as well xx

  7. Really good tips, especially the last one about not chasing the latest trends. I've personally found it better to just not have a schedule, although if a week goes by and I haven't posted I do start to feel the pressure a bit. I've kind of got around that by having 4 or 5 'reserve' posts that can be posted at any time if I happen to run out of content.

    That being said, I have tonnes of half finished drafts that I really need to finish!

    Em x

  8. This is such an amazing post! Blogger burnout can be so hard to get over, but these tips are all so helpful. Taking a break is always a good idea, as it's better to rest than to force something xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush


  9. Jordanne,
    You have hit the nail on the head with this article. What a delight to read a common experience in the blogosphere? Blogging is a lot of work. It is a full-time job. As Simon Sinek puts it, define your why - then the rest will fall in line. It is easy to get caught up in the internet craze and noise of the latest thing that trending. These top trending content, most inspirational and motivational quotes and so on will always exist. When that happens, it's like chasing the leader of a marathon race, who has already taken two to three laps ahead. Then when a distraction comes along, you leave your track.

    Do you see how easy it is to get frustrated? You do not struggle with something you love. It flows out of the heavy investment in your life. Let's get back to the drawing board and redefine, 'why did I start a blog?' This is not for newbies only, even season bloggers.

    Off to share on Twitter.