Best friends; Ross, The Bag Man.

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Last week I introduced you to my Eternal Sister and Best friend Lisa. Well this week brings you a new post about my other long-term best friend, Ross.

I have known Ross since October 2012. We first met at "The Red Triangle" which is a pub in Cumbernauld and at the time it was my local. We met at a mutual friend 21st birthday party which was being held at The Red Triangle. Ross came along with his girlfriend at the time (now his weird ex that will always be known for trying to pour a drink over him and missing). Ross has known the birthday boy for years through his sister and whole family basically, so it was evident that he would be there, I like to think that fate brought us together though. Ross was quietly sitting on one of the seats with a mass of bags wrapped round him as he nodded his head along to the music, sipping away at his drink... That's where I come in. I kept calling him the "bag man" to everyone else that was there that night, when I was asking who he was etc... It was always, "who's the bag man?!" After watching his behaviour throughout the night which can only be described as "camp" I was pretty sure, if not 100% sure he was of a different sexual orientation than to myself. So, with me being me, a loudmouth, with no filter when I'm drunk, that's the first thing I said to him, along with calling him the bag man around a hundred times! In one whole sentence this stranger got to know my personality, and luckily from then on, we have just clicked.
Photo of bag man, Ross
Photo from the night I met Ross. 

Our friendship started out slowly, but soon enough we were texting each other daily. Our conversations never seemed to halt, we always, and I mean ALWAYS had something to talk about and nothing's changed. When it comes to Ross and me, our conversations go from tea and television to 100% crazy in the space of two minutes, and that's why this boy will always be in my life. It's never too serious and I know that when I need a good joke to cheer me up, he's the man.

I think the reason we work so well with each other, is that we both know how this friendship goes, we are always there for each other in a heartbeat, he knows I get social anxiety and have depression so he gets that sometime I just don't want human interaction but as soon as I do, he's the first one I go to. I know that I will be opening his Facebook message with caution because god only knows what will be waiting for me... Will it be a bad joke that will have me in hysterical laughter? Will it be a photo that's NSFW? Will it be yet another joke about how he wants my Gran? Who knows! And that's the beauty of it. I never know what joke I'll get, but I know it's going to be something I'll be laughing for quite a while.

Screen grab of Messages from Bag man on facebook

Do you see how quickly that changed?! 

Saying that we click is a massive understatement in my opinion, because our friendship is much more than just clicking with him, our friendship has so many depths to it and it's something I will always treasure. We have this connection that a lot of people seem to mistake for something else, as we have often been seen as a couple by other people when it's just not the case. I have deep feelings for this boy, probably the deepest I will ever have for any man but it's in a friend way, I don't trust easily or I trust too much, there has never been any In Between, but I think that I trust Ross on a whole other level. I know I could live with him 24/7 and still want to hear about his day, I could walk out the shower naked and it would be no big deal. He's the type of man who puts you to bed when you're drunk, gets you undressed, puts you under the covers then climbs in beside you and won't lay a finger on you. Ross is a gentleman, he's a straight up trustworthy guy. I really have no idea what I have done in my lifetime to deserve some like this because I am truly blessed to have him as my best friend. I could gladly sit in silence with him as I know it's not an awkward one, but there is hardly ever silence when we get together, our humour is on the same level and we have been told a few times by our fiends that they "get why we are friends" because we get on so well and our joke just bounce of each other, our banter is always connecting meaning we make the same jokes etc... 

I'm pretty sure that Ross himself will be shocked to read all this as I'm not the emotional type when it comes to this sort of stuff, there are things I have never said to him that I have put in this post and I hope that when he reads them, he understands just how important he is to me. And the fact that my son adores him is even better, because after all, he is UNCLE Ross. 

Screen grab of Messages from Bag man on facebook at a lake

There are so many memories I have just sitting laughing with this man but one of my favourites has to be at a Fluorescent Hearts gig. We went to see Florescent Hearts live at G2 The Garage in Glasgow back in November of 2014, it started off as any other gig would, our usual banter, making jokes and Ross stalking the band. But what came next was just pure comedy, I don't stop laughing and it makes me giggle slightly any time I think about it.

We were standing with the band before they were due to go on stage, we were talking to Damien, Andy and Stephen (three members of the bad) when suddenly Ross realized he didn't have a gods pictures of him and Stephen, so basically I had to take one, which I did and it turned out not too bad I may add! Anyway, we got back to talking then Damien and Stephen walked away but we were still talking to Andy. While we were talking to him two girls came up and asked Andy if they could get a picture with him and her friend, so Andy said sure, as band members do. So, the girl went to get into position to take a picture and her friend was waiting for Andy to come stand with her, but Ross was standing with his arm around Andy, posing for a picture! Now obviously it was a joke and the girls got that, we all laughed for a moment then the girls got their pictures, but unknowing to them, Ross was making sure he stuck his head in every picture! Behind Andy, to the side of Andy, through the gap between the girl and Andy... Ross was everywhere! I couldn't stop laughing because the poor girls wouldn't have even noticed until they properly look at the photos. That memory will always stick because it was far too funny at the time, I guess you would need to have been there for it to be really funny, but it was.

Photo of Bag man and another man
Ross and Stephen Kerr from Florescent Hearts 

Another memory I have with Ross is when we went to mother-care at Glasgow fort when I was pregnant. I went in to have a look at their prams and cots so Ross said he would take me since he had the car which was super nice of him. We ended up going for lunch in Frankie and Bennie's that day as well which was lovely, and as usual Ross wouldn't let me pay a penny, except for ice cream, he let me buy him an ice cream. Anyway, we got into mother-care and it was really quite, like a horror movie quiet so Ross and I were trying hard not to laugh while some sale assistants were going about their business next to us, when all of a sudden Ross starts talking really loudly so that the whole store can hear him say, "NO, WE ARE NOT CALLING THE BABY GEORGE! THAT'S JUST CRUEL! THAT'S A TERRIBLE TERRIBLE NAME!" And he kept saying this over and over again! While it was happening, I didn't know if I should run or play along with him, I was rather embarrassed as my social anxiety kicked in, but I thought to hell with it and played a long a little. We ended up talking about how he wasn't the dad of the baby and people kept looking at us like we were crazy. It was so funny, and that day will always be one of my favourites. The laughs were flowing that day.

I have never been to as many gigs with one person than I have Ross. Ross is a HUGE fan of Florescent Hearts which are a local band that are doing quite good for themselves. Since meeting Ross, I have practically been to every single one of their gigs, you would think it would be the same old, same old, every time we go, but it's really not. We always find something to make a joke out of and the stories that we create are beyond funny.... well they are to us anyway. We have made Florescent Hearts puppets out of flyers that were on tables in G2, we have made up stories about how they met and what they do in their spare time etc... We have so many inside jokes when it comes to Florescent Hearts, it's fantastic to say the least. You could call Ross a stalker of Florescent Hearts but that's a strong word, he hasn't had a restraining order... Yet! The boy just adores them and their music, they are good so I can understand why he is passionate about them, plus they are from our home town, we both know the members from different situations, Ross and I went to school with them, he was in the same year as Gary and Chris and I was a few years below, I also know one of the members as I used to date him and I know another from years back. So, it's nice that we also have a connection through music, something we can go experience together.

Photo of Bag man and Florescent Hearts

All in all, Ross is a wonderful guy. I would trust him with my life, maybe not Leon's yet but we are working on that ha-ha! He's a true Friend, in every sense of the word. You couldn't find a better guy if you tried, he drives home drunk girls when they are lost and don't know where they are so that he knows they are safe, when you are in labour he's the first to say he will drive you to the hospital, if you really needed it, I'm pretty sure he would give you his blood. That's what type of guy Ross is, and I challenge everyone to show me a better friend than him because believe me, he's definitely one in a million.

P.s. He also sends me snap-chats of his

Photo of Nandos table cockerel
Ross's Nandos Cockerel
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