Review | Lush Bom Perignon Bath Bomb

Ahhh Lush, The maker of my faviourite bath products! I really do love being able to get my hands on their Lush kitchen products because they always sell out fairly fast so sometimes I don't manage to get the ones I want so when I managed to buy the Bomperignon I was over the moon! So today's review is all about this little beauty.

First off I noticed the shape, it's not like any I have seen before and it reminds me of those really beautiful glass bottles you get that are used as decorative pieces. It's an unusual shape and I think that's what drew me to it straight away. Once I opened the lovely Lush delivery I couldn't wait to get sniff at the scent. I read about it online and I was so happy to know it was a citrusy based bath bomb as I really do love the fresh scent of the brightside or fizzbanger so I really wanted to see what I would think of this one. At first the scent wasn't all that noticeable, I could hardly smell anything but after a while trying to suss the scent out I really enjoyed it, it wasn't strong but it was nice, very fresh. 

On first impressions I would say that it was one I was taken with, I love the shape and the simplicity of it really made me want to use it, A.S.A.P! So the same night it got delivered I decided to run myself a bath and pop this one in it. It may not be thee most beautiful design by lush but it is certainly interesting in it's own way. Upon putting it in the bath I still could hardly smell anything, it's not thee most potent smell but that's okay, I kind of expected it to do more in terms of fizzing. I didn't know anything about this bath bomb before I received so I had no clue on what it would look like but I was really excited to experience this one first hand instead of seeing it on Instagram first. If i'm honest, I was dissapointed. The bath bomb didn't do much, and the water turned a sort of light grey colour. I was left feeling deflated about the whole experience, I really was expecting more, some sort of colour burst of burst of scent that was hidden between the layers, unfortunately not.

All in all I was left feeling dissapointed with the product, I really did expect more and this is the first product from lush I would say that I definetly would NOT buy again.

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What Lush Say;
"A warm and lengthy soak with the fizziest, fine vintage; what a lavish combination! Glowing candles and a glass of bubbly makes for a truly sumptuous soak. Toning tangerine and uplifting grapefruit oils create a cheerful air of celebration. This lively, champagne fragrance rises from the delicate, peach-coloured water to leave you feeling absolutely fabulous. Cheers, darling!"


Bom Perignon £3.50

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  1. sounds great, I haven't seen that one before but ill keep an eye out for it now!

  2. Oh, that does sound disappointing. Who wants grey water with no smell? Though I do admit that unusual shape is rather appealing. Thanks for sharing with #bigpinklink

  3. Oh no what a shame that it was disappointing. I am yet to find a Lush product I don't like so I will steer clear of this one.

  4. Ah no, what a shame! It really isnt like Lush not to have some type of element of surprise with its bath bombs. It sounds amazing, and when I initially saw you link up your post I thought - I have to try that! But after reading this, perhaps not. I wouldnt want to be dissapointed either! Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Emily