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grey, you've got this a5 notebook from Old English Company

Don't you just love beaut products that fit you aesthetic perfectly? because same and Old English Company have me LIVING for their range. 

Please note that I was kindly sent these products in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.
I have been very luck in being able to work with the Old English Company and sample some of their absolutely beautiful products. When scrolling through the website I really wanted everything... every single one of their products had me drooling. I have such a fantastic range to show you all today. When I received these goodies I was in awe, the quality of the products exceeded my expectations for sure and I can attest to you that they look even better in person than in a picture! 

First up is this beaut hardback You've got this A5 Notebook. I am a sucker for notebooks, you really can't have too many which I can totally attest to as my collection is pretty vast, so what's one more? and I couldn't say no to this notebook. I have been looking into a new one to use for my blog planning and I thought this one would be PERFECT! It's got a great motivational quote on the front which I am totally here for 100%. This notebook is 140 pages worth which are white and 100gsm, great for writing in. I can't recommend this notebook enough and they have so many others to choose from so you can get a cute design that's going to suit you.

Next up are these stunning coasters, on Old English Company there are sooooo many coaster designs, I just had to go for a mama bear one because of course, a worlds best dad one as that's only fitting plus the little spoon and big spoon set to set out at either side of the bed. I am very impressed with the quality of these coasters, really thick and the gloss finish couldn't be better. I like that they have writing on them as it makes them a little different and so far I have had a few questions about them from some friends as the font is just stunning. I would for sure urge you to get a few and see for yourself, they are worth it. 

Now this is something you may not know about me but I collect pins, I have since I was around 8 when my mum brought me one home form her work when she was up in the north of Scotland, since then I was hooked on collecting them and at one point I ended up with a huge collection, over 500 pins, unfortunately when we moved house the moving company stole some of our boxes and my box happened to be one of them. Luckily I managed to find some of the pins my mum bought me and I have started to up my collection again and this Mama Bear pin just HAD to be mine and enter my collection of pins. It's an enamel, oval shaped pin and the design has been done really well on it, I love how great the finish is and I think it's a must have for any mama bear out there. 

If you hadn't noticed by now, I'm obsessed with mama bear bits and pieces and this has been ever since I received the best jumper ever which says "Mama Bear" on it. I got the coaster, I got the Pin so of course I had to get the Mama Bear Mug!! The finish is just mind blowing, the picture looks so good and it goes through a dishwasher fine, not fading the design so far. I think its a really cute addition to my ever growing mug collection, any mama bear would be thrilled to have this little beaut. 

Now onto their gorgeous range of cards, Old English Company have pages and pages worth of really cute A6 cards which come with great quality kraft envelopes. I opted for the Amazing Things will Happen and She Believed She Could So She Did cards because I thought these would be great additions to my blog props box, these little cards are just stunning and the quality is fab, nice thick cards. I think these would actually be great for framing, using in photos or sending as a little pick me up to your friends as the quotes are great for being inspiring. I also opted for the It's your birthday and Worlds Best Dad cards because I was thinking practical and they are really nice designs. The range on the website is very extensive and I'm looking forward to buying a few more cards to maybe put away for when any birthdays come up, I am a sucker for a nice card and a brown envelope, I think the combo goes well and I know my friends appreciate cards as well and I can't see them having any complaints about these ones! 

It's been amazing receiving these beauties from Old English Company, I am so in love with every single piece and I can't wait to buy some other thing's I was eyeing up on the website like their stunning pillow cases or jaw dropping prints. Go on, have a nosy at the website and fall in love with all their items. 

*In Collaboration with Old English Company - All thoughts and opinions are my own*


  1. Ooo so many products, I do love the pin badge and also the mug too x

  2. Aww so many amazing products! I love the Old English Company - we have their 'big spoon little spoon' pillow covers :)

  3. This collection is stunning, your going to make me go on a spree!I'm exactly like you I'm obsessed with notebooks as well!

  4. Loving the selection you reviewed. They are really nice. I do like the momma bear mug and pin. So cute.

  5. I love that bear mug! I always find buying cards fir my father difficult but u really love the simplicity of those cards.

  6. I adore how cute these are. I love that mug
    Daily Gold Rose

  7. All of the cards and designs are simple and quite awesome. I did like 'The Worlds Best Dad *It's true, we checked !' card. Sounds like me already.

    John M

  8. Omg they have some gorgeous things! I love that mug 😍


  9. In love with the Mama Bear products I NEED that mug! I love The Old English Company website I’m constantly drooling over all the wonderful products they have !

    Melanie | www.frasersfunhouse.com

  10. These products are so nice! I actually love all of them. I've never heard of this company so I'll take a look at their website x

  11. The colours are beautiful of these products. I need the mama bear mug in my life!! Beautiful product shots from you too

  12. How awful that the moving company stole your stuff! So sorry to hear that.
    Love all the items you have chosen though. I have a real thing for slogan notebooks too.

  13. You've just made me have a look at their website and OH. MY. GOD.

    I want everything!! I really can't decide what I want first!

    Em x