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Hello lovely people! I am so excited for today's post as it's my first ever blogger collaboration and I am very honoured to be collaborating with Lisa from 

Lisa is such a lovely woman and I am very lucky to be able to call Lisa a friend. Lisa is always very supportive, such an inspiration to others around her and a proper gem within the blogging community. Our collaboration centres around 'Me Time For Mums', we both know how important it is for us mum to take time our of our busy schedules and make some time for ourselves, it's important to recharge your batteries and take some down time to really get back to yourself. Although parenthood is special and extremely rewarding it's also very busy, stressful and exhausting at times so it's only natural that you would need to recharge after raising a tiny human day in and day out. 

Me Time for Mums

Lisa and I both sent each other a box filled with goodies to help each other have some down time. The box that Lisa sent me was filled with fabulous products that I can use to have some relaxation time when little bear is in bed, snoozing away, giving me the well needed time to just chill. 

Lisa sent me a lovely notebook with "My Time To Shine" on the front, it's such a beautiful notebook! I really like the style of it and I am a massive stationary fan so another notebook to my collection is much appreciated. When I'm having some chill time I always enjoy being able to write my thoughts out and get some ideas out of my head and onto paper so this notebook will come in very handy. Lisa also sent over a pen which accompanies the notebook perfectly! 

I also received some tea, perfect for having a cuppa when I'm unwinding. I really like that it's also caffeine free, meaning that I can have it at night without the worry of it keeping me up longer because I do like to get an early night where I can. Lisa also sent over a beautiful candle which smells AMAZING! I really love the scent of it, very calming which I like. I have had it burning every night over the weekend as I have been trying to have some down time as it's all been so hectic in my personal life, so this candle has been a blessing. 

What's a good pamper night without doing your nails? Lisa also sent over some beaut Kiko Milano nail polish which is a stunning shade, I always love doing my nails when I have some chill time because it makes me feel 10x better about myself, there's just something about having my nail's done that make me feel good. 

I'm so lucky that Lisa sent over some Hand & Nail cream, I have just ran out of my usual stuff so this is perfect! I love a good hand cream because I like to keep my hands nice and smooth, I hate that my hands always feel quite rough when I have had a full day of cleaning so I do need something that's going to keep my hands in good condition. 
Lisa also sent me some body cleanser from Anatomicals - I love the Anatomicals range, I have some of their skincare goodies already so when I got this, I was over the moon! 

You've gotta have a little treat for your 'Me Time' haven't you? Well, Lisa sent me some fabulous chocolate treats which I devoured.... I couldn't resist these as soon as I saw them so before I took photos I had already dug in to these, but I made sure I could still take photos of the packaging. And Lisa also sent over a beautiful scarf  in the box which was a really nice surprise, I do love a good scarf and this will be perfect in the autumn.

I'm so thankful to Lisa for the whole lot, the box she sent me was perfect, filled with amazing products to use on my Pamper nights, I love what Lisa picked for me and I can't wait to see what Lisa thought of her box! It's been a fabulous experience collaborating and I would do it again in a heart beat! Me Time is very important to me because that's how I unwind and get ready for the next few days to come and I would recommend that everyone makes some time for themselves, wither they are a mum or not because self care is super important to making sure you're taking care of your health. 

Now that you have seen what was inside my box from Lisa, why not head on over to her blog and read about what she thought of the box I sent over to her. Lisa's Post

Be sure to check out Lisa on Social media and give her a follow! She is such a fantastic person and you wont regret it ;)

Lisa's Links:

Thank you so much to Lisa for collaborating with me on this, it has been a fantastic experience and I cannot wait to go read her post now! 

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  1. Firstly, thank you sooooo much for collaborating with me, Jordanne, it was so much fun and the honour is very much mine. I'm so glad you liked your treats and oh my goodness your photos are beautiful! I think it's funny that we both thought on similar lines for our boxes too :) This was such a lovely blogger box swap experience, thank you so much again 💕 xxx

    1. Aww no bother hun! Thank you so so much for collaborating with me! It means so much that you would, for it being my first time, it was absolutely AMAZING! Thank you for all of my items, they are fabulous and I really do love each and every one of them (ok, the chocolate the most but shhh haha) thank you so much again hun, loved it all.

  2. Aww Jordanne! I’ve just read Lisa’s post and this is honestly the cutest collab ever! You sent each other such lovely treats! Yay for stationery, the notebook is so pretty, I agree, you can never have too many notebooks he he. I love the care & thought which has gone into these packages and I don’t blame you for getting started on the chocs, they look delicious! Thanks for sharing and enjoy your awesome goodies <3 xx

    Bexa |

    1. Aww thank you so much for commenting hun! It's much appreciated. I'm so lucky, she sent such amazing products and I'm just so overwhelmed. You really can't have too many notebooks ahaha I'm such a stationary hoarder lol