Up-Cycling Old Furniture: Drawer Handles

Close up of rose gold spray paint and two old vintage brass drawer handles sitting on a black glass garden table

Throwing old pieces of furniture out may seem like a good idea, its just taking up space right? and doesn't look the nicest, but instead of throwing it away, why not inject some love into it by up-cycling. Today I'm talking all about how I changed my drab looking drawer handles into the modern world.

Extream close up from a side view of the old vintage brass drawer handles sitting on top of the nails on the wood

I have an old set of drawers that I got when my great grandad passed away, he must have had the drawers for about 30+ years and I fell in love with it the first time I saw it. When I was a little girl I would play at the dresser, doing my hair and singing into a hair brush. The drawers hold lots of good memories for me but they looked very old and drab, the wood was peeling, the mirror had a crack in it and it looked like a sad piece of furniture. I started transforming them by sanding them down and painting them white, I then got some adhesive vinyl with a marble patter, I covered the surfaces of the drawers and I've I done that they looked like w completely different set of drawers but there was only one thing out of place, the handles. 

Close up Old vintage brass drawer handles on the wood with the nails in a row

As you can see they had paint on them, they looked old and tattered, I even tried polishing them up but that didn't work so I racked my brain for a way to make them look good, I was stumped, I genuinely couldn't think so I left it for a while. I thought no more if the handles and every now and then it would pop into my head until a couple of months passed. I was walking and B&Q and my eyes caught a rose gold spray paint, it was in their clearance because of a broken lid but I didn't care about a lid so I bagged it for £3.99 instead of £10. Great! I had a spray and when I got home it as time to go to work on my handles. 

Close up photo of the wood with the nails hammered in and one old vintage brass drawer handle sitting on the nail

I started off by finding a piece of wood that we had in the tools cupboard, I then grabbed some nails and a hammer and went to work. I banged in 6 nails, ready to sit my handles upon. The handles are hollow in the middle obviously to allow them to be screwed in. 

All the handles fitted onto the nails perfectly, once they were all on, I put some paper on the grass, placed the wood with the handles onto the paper and I began to spray them with the rose gold spray paint. 

I gave them one coat, let them dry and done another for safety. Once that coat had dried I made sure there were no bald spots, turned them upside down on the paper and sprayed the inside area to make them even and then carefully placed them back on the nails to dry (this was to avoid any chance of the paper sticking to them) 

Close up of the vintage Brass drawer handle after getting one coat of the rose gold spray paint as it sits on white paper

close up of my hand holding the rose gold spray paint about to spray the vintage brass drawer handles as they sit on the wood with nails

Close up shot of teh old vintage brass drawer handles on the wood with nails before being spray painted

Close up shot on the drawer handle after being spray painted rose gold sitting on the wood with nails

Once the handles were dry I added them onto my drawers and this is what they look like now 

close up shot of the drawer handles after being spray painted rose gold on White drawers with a glass jar in the background with cotton pads in it.

close up shot of the drawer handles after being spray painted rose gold on White drawers

They look pretty good don't they? I'm so glad I decided to up-cycle the drawer handles, they needed a new lease of life and that's what they got! Now my drawers fit my whole aesthetic perfectly and these once drab, lifeless drawers now look for for any queens room. 

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  1. They look so beautiful ! love the idea

  2. Very cool idea!!


  3. Omg what a good idea!! That's so good. X


  4. Such a brilliant, simple little fix that made all the difference! I love this idea, and I'm totally going to do something like this myself xx


  5. The handles look gorgeous! It so effective and the fact the drawers hold such sentiment is such a great idea.

    I'm so guilty of not having the confidence to do DIYs, I'm going to have to try over the summer!

    Helen xx


  6. I love creative little ventures like this! The rose gold is suuuchh a gorgeous colour!