The New Normal

Normal life has come to a halt, we are in some weird limbo at the moment where everyday feels the same, time is passing by in an unusual way and I feel like we have been in the house for years, not weeks. 

Trying to adjust to the new normal is proving to take a lot longer than I expected to be honest, normally I LOVE being in my house, I'm definitely an introvert who feels safest at home but because we have been told we can't go out, I want to go out more than ever. 

Little bear is also starting to get cabin fever, he's climbing the walls, shouting that he's bored every half hour and oh my gosh I'm tearing my hair out! I head "but why" a million times a day and we now have a tantrum on schedule! Around 8PM every night he moans and moans about being bored then kicks off, I don't blame him though, I've wanted to have a tantrum plenty of times since we have been in isolation. 

Right now, we are working on ways for him to communicate his emotions better because I sitting on the stairs screaming and kicking isn't working out for mummy's nerves. 

I am proud of how well he is doing with his school work though, I haven't went overboard or decided he's getting a full 6 hours because that's just not feasible and home is his safe space, instead I have made up 6 work sheets a day based on the curriculum the school has sent us. I've been on photoshop making up stuff so that learning is fun, and he doesn't feel like it's the same thing every day. We do 6 sheets a day covering maths and literacy then he has a daily 10 to complete on Glow and we have an eBooks assigned to read and he is love doing all of it, it's half the battle really. 

I'm so proud of the way he likes to learn, he loves challenging himself and learning new words plus he is so happy learning maths as it's his favourite! I'm trying hard to challenge him with it, but the bot is whizzing through the questions. I really hope this keeps up as it's making the days a little easier. 

In terms of my own work though, I have been slipping with it something awful. I know I have more time now, I'm in the house every day! But by the time I'm finished keeping little best entertained, cleaning, keeping on top of household chores and everything else in-between, I'm knackered! 

I'm feeling so exhausted, I don't know why but I am and that means my blog has been suffering as well because I don't have the steam to write, take photos, edit, schedule and all those little tasks that come with the blog. 

I'm hoping this doesn't last long because blogging would at least help take my mind off of all the doom and gloom. 

We are in such uncertain times right now, not knowing how long this will last, who will be hit and how bad it will get because I have a feeling there's a worse wave coming soon and so many people are going to get hit with it. I really hope I'm wrong, I really do! Because having these thoughts isn't nice but I can't seem to shake them off. 

I hope everyone is safe and staying home! I feel so sorry for all the people on the front lines at the moment, especially with the amount of people who aren't listening to the rules and such that are being put out! We need to care; we need to do better and we need to listen to what we are told so that the NHS doesn't get put under more stress. I can't stress this enough, stay at home, don't take the car when you're going for a walk, walk from your door. Don't flock to the beach or a park just because there's a bit of sun, don't stand about and talk in groups, use your common sense! 

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  1. I can absolutely sympathise with you both - I'm getting major cabin fever too! Although it sounds like you are doing a fantastic job with little Bear and keeping his learning fun and interesting.

    As much as I have always liked spending time in my home, I am someone who loves social interaction, so that side is a little difficult. Luckily, there is so much technology out there to help, which we've been making the most of!

    I feel exactly the same on the blog front! I'm working from home, and in theory have loads more time to get it done, but I'm just not getting to it, and when I do feel like I have some time, I have zero motivation to do anything...

    I hate to say it, but I have the exact same feeling as you, and I feel like I'm waiting for it. Hopefully, we're both wrong though.

    Stay safe and take care,

    Em xx

  2. Cabin fever has well and truly kicked in for me! I can't wait to actually be able to venture out and about when all this is over! x

    Lucy |

  3. It's so strange this time, esp. having to explain to children why they can't go out to play with their friends, your doing a great job :)

    Nic | Nic's Adventures & Bakes