M&D's Pumpkin Festival

When we were asked along to the Pumpkin Festival at M&D's- Scotlands National Theme Park I had to say yes immediately. I have been looking everywhere for things to do with little bear this year in the run up to halloween. He watches all the cartoons that celebrate Halloween in style and It's about time more places started to realise we all want pumpkin patches for cute instagram photos and something that will occupy the kids, am I right? 

On Saturday 13th October we set off for M&D's, Little bear was all excited to get out and do something a little new, it's not something he has ever experienced before so I was eager to find out his thoughts on the full day out. The Scottish weather was true to form with lot's of rain and dark, cloudy skies, Just the ticket when you are setting out to have fun outdoors! I was so sure it would be a bit of a wash out, I guess that's just the grumpy adult in me coming out because when we got there and all the activities were underway, I didn't even think about the rain. We were well prepared for the Scottish autumn weather with wellies and scarfs, the perfect mix. 

To start your activities off you are lead to a big tent that has rows of hay all set out to give you a good farm feel. The scents in the tent were great, they completely reminded me of autumn from when I was a child, the playing outside, running around in fields looking for leafs that where changing colour for our collages, it was amazing to be brought straight back to my childhood. In the tent is where the story telling begins, I wasn't sure what to think about it, would it be good? Would little bear get board? Because when he gets board, EVERYONE knows about it haha luckily enough the wait wasn't too long, long enough for little bear to get to the toilet and for me to snap a few pictures of him sitting on the hay bench. Eventually the story was starting, the tent was packed and the lighting set up was making itself known, the heat coming from their stage lights was so intense, it's great for the cold weather, not so great for a mum who has prepped with layers upon layers! I was stripping off nearly by the end. 

The Story telling started with Sammy the Scarecrow coming out to greet the kids, from the first moment little bear was hooked. The man playing 'Sammy' was very animated and knew just how to capture his tiny audience. All the kids were laughing away as he told his story, loving everything he was doing. Little bear is normally really shy so to see him shouting out and taking part was nice to see, he had a smile on his face the whole time and you can't really ask for better than that can you? I will say, I was impressed with the guy playing the role and how he fed his way through the story to make a big impact on the end. He even gave time for any children who wanted to get a picture with him - Little bear obviously did! 

Next up is the pumpkin patch, granted, after the storytelling you have free reign, it just felt right to do the pumpkin patch next although maybe we should have left it till last as we had to carry our pumpkin around with us haha. Little bear loved this bit, picking up all the pumpkins, checking which one he wanted, paying very careful attention and going for his goal of the "best one" there. After going over a whole row, he settled on his favourite and that's the one we got. He was well chuffed and wouldn't stop talking about getting home to carve it. 

For me, the story telling and pumpkin patch were the best bits, they seemed to require the most attention and took a while to do. After the pumpkin patch we did try out the hay maze, if I am being 100% honest, it could have been bigger. I felt like it was so easy to do (I know it's for children but even little bear wished for a big maze) I feel like there could have been a much more time consuming (in a good way) maze for everyone to enjoy because once everyone started coming into it, it felt a little cramped and all the kids running left, right and centre was enough to send my mum senses tingling, just waiting for a crash to happen, with someone getting a shiner.

In regards to the games, there were three for the kids to take part in and they all had two choice of little prizes which was ok, Little bear seemed to enjoy them which was the main point, it's for the kids and the staff who were working the games were very friendly and couldn't have been nicer to the children. I think the right staff made all the difference, they were interacting with the children, explaining games and taking the time to engage with the children in a friendly manner. 

Last but not least is the little drinks stall, we didn't actually get anything from it because we weren't in the mood for one but from what I seen, the prices weren't that bad, not what you would expect anyway, normally prices at these places are hiked right up, making you spend a small fortune whilst there but the hot chocolate was reasonable and the other drinks had ok prices listed next to them so thats a plus. 

All in all the day was a good day out. I was so shocked to see we got passes for all day wristbands for in the theme park, that was a nice little surprise. We did go in but didn't get to go on much as a lot of the rides seemed to be off or there wasn't anyone attending them and the ones that were open, little bear could only go on three of them which was sad to see, he was so excited for the big wheel because he LOVES the big wheel we get in Glasgow city centre at Christmas but the one at M&D's the children have to be 130cm or bigger to get on. I understand all the height restrictions, that's not a problem if I'm honest because I appreciate health and safety, but I do wish there was more on for the younger kids. 

I think, if you are going, make the most of the whole place. Maybe book in for bowling as well, grab something to eat, make the most of the arcades, if you can, go on all the rides and really have a fun day out as well as experiencing some great halloween family friendly fun. There are a range of ticket prices, ranging from £6 - £16 and each ticket has it's perks. 0-2 year olds go free and don't require a ticket and you can find out all the information on their tickets etc... here - Pumpkin Festival Event

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*I was asked along to the Pumpkin Festival at M&D's to experience the day out and talk about my day - All thoughts and opinions on the experience are my own 100%.*

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