Halloween Baking with Betty Winters Home Baking kits

Photo of three betty winters home baking kits on top of a marble kitchen worktop with a ghost led light in the back left corner and a haunted house decoration in the back right corner

During the half term holiday Little bear and I done some Halloween themed baking, it was a great activity to get into the Halloween mood, not that I needed any help. 

Keeping Little bear busy during the half term is always top of my priority list because my boy gets bored very easily and he likes to be kept busy, but he is also quite picky about what he wants to get up to and if he isn't in the mood to do something, it's pretty much a no go. But, one thing he really enjoys is baking, so I set out to get in some Halloween baking kit's that would be perfect for seasonal activities, especially since I don't feel comfortable booking in to go to places with the virus right now so I had to think of activities that could be done in the house or out on our walks. 

I went with some Betty Winters kits that I found in B&M, each kit was £2, meaning I spent £6 all in as I already had everything needed in the house like unsalted butter, eggs and more. To me this was a cheap and cheerful way to keep my little one busy for a while.

Close up photo of the Betty winters home baking Halloween Ghost Cupcakes kit

The first kit that Little bear wanted to try was the Betty Winters Halloween Ghost Cupcake kit and I have to say, we had a fun afternoon baking these cakes. 

It was an easy recipe to follow, everything was clearly printed on the back and the kit came with the cupcake mix, icing mix, 6 cupcake cases, piping bag and black confetti for decorating the cupcakes to make them look like ghosts. 

Medium close up of a boy with a white micing bowl and holding a wooden spoon

Over the shoulder shot of a boy mixing a cake mix in a white bowl

We started by laying everything out that we would need that didn't come with the kit which was 80g of unsalted butter, 25ml of semi-skimmed milk & 1 egg. From there we followed the recipe on the box to create the cupcakes, little bear had loads of fun putting the mix into the bowl and the egg, when it comes to baking his favourite part has always been cracking an egg for some reason, it's always the one part he asks about over and over again.

"When are we putting the egg in?", "Can I put the egg in yet?", "When can I crack the egg?", it's so funny because out of the whole baking process, the egg is the most exciting part for him haha. 

After everything was put onto the bowl we used our electric mixer for around 2 minutes, but after that Little bear wanted to use the wooden spoon to give it a mix because according to him "it's not properly mixed until a wooden spoon has done it", my boy always comes away with the funniest one liners without even realising it, and yes, he was completely serious when he said it. 

Once everything was mixed it was time to fill the cupcake casing and put them into the oven for 12 minutes. 

Close up photo of 6 cupcakes on a pink plate on top of a white marble kitchen worktop

Close up photo of 6 cupcakes with green icing on a pink plate on top of a white marble kitchen worktop

Close up photo of 6 cupcakes with green icing on a pink plate on top of a white marble kitchen worktop being decorated by a child

When the cupcakes were ready we took them out of the oven and let them cool down for 10 minutes whilst I made the icing for creating the ghost's bodies, Little bear wasn't interested in this part, he was too busy running around with one of our skeleton decorations and throwing it off the top of the stairs because it floats down as if it's got a mind of its own (it's really cool actually) so I was left to make the icing. 

Once the icing was ready, Little bear was hyped to decorate the cakes and I am so proud of him because he did the icing all by himself and made their faces. 

Photo of 6 cupcakes with green icing on a wooden cutting board with the betty winters halloween ghost cupcake box in the background out of focus

Over all we had a lot of fun with this kit, it was easy to follow, the cupcakes came out tasting good I think, Little bear ate all 6 of them, no one else got a look in because he LOVED them, so I take that as a win. I would for sure recommend this kit if you are looking for some Halloween baked goods as it was a hit in our house. 

I also made a little video of the process that I posted in my Instagram if you fancy seeing what we did. 

Close up photo of the Betty winters home baking Halloween unicorn skeleton & bat biscuits box

The second kit we used was the Betty Winters Home Baking Halloween Unicorn Skeleton & Bat Biscuits one, this one was a little more straight forward than the cupcakes as there wasn't many ingredients, only two actually which surprised me. 

The kit came with the biscuit mix, icing pen and 100's & 1000's, all that was left to add was the unsalted butter. I was a bit confused because I thought there would be some cookie cutters in the unicorn and bat shape but they were actually printed on the inside of the box to cut out.

I asked Little bear what shape he wanted or if he wanted to do both and he decided on the bat because he didn't think the unicorn was Halloween related, so, I cut out the bat shape and decided to laminate it to stop the cardboard going soggy. 

From there we made up the biscuit mix and proceeded to try and cut out the bat shapes which didn't go well, using the cut out shape wasn't ideal and I would say it was a train wreck haha. Because of that I asked Little bear if he wanted some pumpkin shapes made, I hoped he would say yes as I didn't fancy cutting anymore bats and luckily he said yes. So, I made some pumpkin shapes as best I could and into the oven for 10 minutes it was. 

Close up photo of a child decorating biscuits with an icing pen

Close up photo of a child decorating biscuits with an icing pen

close up photo of a bat biscuit

When the biscuits came out of the oven they looked burned, well, they were black already but to me they just looked really burned and felt quite crumbly as well. Little bear was excited to decorate them though so we cracked on with that and this time round he wanted me to do some decorating too but he only let me make one bat face and a pumpkin haha, the rest he wanted to do because he thought it was super fun using the icing pen. 

Birds eye view of some bat and pumpkin biscuits on a wooden chopping board

Side view photo of some bat and pumpkin biscuits on a wooden chopping board

Once all the biscuits were decorated and ready to be eaten I made sure to grab one for myself after the cupcakes all going to Little bear and I have to say, if I knew how these cookies tasted, I wouldn't have bothered. I took one bite and spat it back out, turns out they were burnt and had 0 taste to them, even Little bear couldn't eat them and found them awful. 

The activity was fun, we enjoyed doing the baking but the end result wasn't great so I don't think I would pick this box up again and I definitely wouldn't recommend it.

Like the cupcakes, I made a video of the process for instagram which I've included if you want to have a watch. 

All in all, we had tons of fun baking, it kept Little bear busy and was great bonding time for us. If you are looking for some Halloween themed activities to do with kids, I can't recommend baking enough, you can make some lovely treats to eat as well as having fun in the kitchen. 

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  1. The cookies look phenomenal. You two did an awesome job. It must be fun baking with children. I have not tried it. I always think about the mess but it seemed like it went well for you. Well done. I hope you have an awesome Halloween!

  2. Oh wow, that cupcake one is so cute and sounds so fun! Growing up, my mom rarely baked anything, same with my dad, so I never learned. Now that I'm an adult, I want to learn to bake for my partners but also for our future children! It's such a cute and fun sounding bonding experience. ^_^

  3. They look so fun and delicious! I love doing things like that. Baking is so fun!

    Deandra| theblackprincessdiaries.com

  4. Thanks for sharing :) These look fun to do even though they burnt a little bit :)

    Nic | Nic's Adventures & Bakes

  5. Both the biscuits and the cupcake sets sound great! Thanks for sharing - great review!